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Statement from John Kerry in Response to the State of the Union Address

Location: Concord, NH

January 20, 2004

For Immediate Release
Concord, NH -

After watching the President's State of the Union address with the Chaisson and Knowles families in Concord tonight, John Kerry delivered the following statement.

"After four years in office, this President still doesn't understand what's happening in living rooms across this country. Paul O'Neill is right: because this President only hears the special interests and lobbyists he doesn't see what's happening in our economy, in the workplace and to families everywhere.

I'm running for President because it's time we put country over campaign contributions.

Tonight, President Bush talked about how he wants to help people find jobs, but for three years he's stood by while we've lost more jobs than at any time since the Great Depression. He promised to create 250,000 jobs last month, but he's only created a thousand. We're 249,000 jobs short. Americans should be able to trust that what the President tells them is true."

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