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Donnelly Votes to Implement Recommendations of 9/11 Commission

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Security Reforms will help protect America from terrorism

Washington, D.C. - Today, the House approved the conference report on H.R. 1, which would implement key recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commission submitted these recommendations to Congress in July 2004 to provide guidelines on how to better protect America from terrorism.

"The legislation approved by the House today will make America safer by providing for first responders, making air travel safer and improving screening of cargo at our ports," Donnelly said. "Now that Congress has approved the recommendations that were made three years ago, I hope the President will sign this legislation quickly so America can be better equipped to prevent terrorism."

H.R. 1 was the first piece of legislation passed by the House in January. The Senate adopted the conference report late last night by a bipartisan vote of 85 to 8 and the House approved it today by a vote of 340-71.

The recommendations include:

• Requiring 100% Scanning of Containers Bound for the U.S. Within Five Years
• Requiring 100% Screening of Cargo on Passenger Aircraft Within Three Years
• Authorizing Additional Investments in Airport Security
• Ensuring Communications Interoperability for First Responders
• Providing Risk-Based Allocation of Homeland Security Grants
• Authorizing Rail and Mass Transit Security Grants
• Improving Private Sector Preparedness
• Strengthening Intelligence and Information Sharing with Local Law Enforcement
• Preventing Terrorists from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction
• Providing Stronger Security Measures for the Visa Waiver Program

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