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Finegold Issues Call for "No Negative Campaigning"


Location: Andover, MA

Finegold Issues Call for "No Negative Campaigning"

Andover, MA - At the League of Women Voters MA-05 debate in Andover last week, State Representative and Congressional Candidate Barry Finegold circulated a pledge for each Democrat in the race to sign calling for no negative campaigning for the duration of the Democratic primary. The Finegold MA-05 "No Negative Campaign Pledge" is below.

"I'm tired of the same old politics. We are not going to get change in Washington and a change in the direction of this country until we change the way we campaign," said Finegold. "This is why people hate politics and Congress, because they see politicians attacking and smearing one another, not solving the problems they face in their everyday lives."

In a number of different forums, debates and press releases in recent weeks the campaign has become increasingly more negative, whether from campaigns themselves or outside interest groups attacking one candidate on behalf of another.

"The ‘Gotcha' style of politics has no place in this election and I won't be part of it," said Finegold. "It does nothing to serve the people, solve the big problems we face in this country or change the tone in Washington and Congress. I hope my fellow Democrats will join me in taking this pledge."

After the debate, Finegold circulated the pledge to State Representative Jamie Eldridge, State Representative Jim Miceli, Councilor Eileen Donoghue, and Niki Tsongas. To date Jim Miceli and Niki Tsongas have signed the pledge.


I pledge to refrain from negative campaigning against my fellow Democratic candidates for the duration of this primary campaign. This includes mailings, advertisements, and false information perpetuated by both my campaign and interest groups supporting me.

Instead, I will focus on the issues facing this district and my ideas for tackling them. I make this pledge to the constituents of the 5th Congressional District of Massachusetts.

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