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Finegold Campaign Launches "Hit Piece Hotline"


Location: Andover, MA

Finegold Campaign Launches "Hit Piece Hotline"

Renews Call for Candidates to sign "No Negative Campaign" Pledge

Today the Finegold Campaign launched a "Hit Piece Hotline", for 5th District voters to call and report negative attack ads, mail pieces, and smear tactics. Also, the campaign renewed its call to fellow Democrats in the MA-05 primary race to sign the Finegold "No Negative" campaign pledge. Finegold introduced the "No Negative" pledge at a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters in Andover last week, calling on his fellow candidates in the primary to refrain from negative campaigning and activities by third-party interest groups.

"I respectfully ask my colleagues Eileen Donoghue and Jamie Eldridge, once again, to sign my pledge as a show of commitment to the real issues on behalf of the voters of the 5th district," said Finegold. "With the primary less than one week away, we owe the voters an honest and vigorous discussion about our ideas for health care reform, ending the war in Iraq, and improving our local schools; we have to get away from the politics-as-usual approach of negative campaigning and bickering. It only wastes the voters' time."

To date, only Niki Tsongas and State Representative Jim Miceli have signed the pledge.

Throughout this campaign, Barry has focused on the issues of the day, with innovative ideas for tackling our most crippling problems. By focusing on health care reform that ensures quality, a political solution to the war in Iraq, and real funding for education needs, Barry has avoided politics as usual and communicated his vision for the 5th district and this country to the voters.

"There is a reason that Congress has an approval rating of 18%," said Finegold campaign manager Dave Riordan. "The voters are tired of political games that prevent the big solutions we need from moving forward. By setting up the "Hit Piece Hotline", we're giving the power back to the voters, to call and report the negative tactics they witness on the ground. Candidates in this race have a responsibility to the voters - to focus on the issues and forego the usual smear tactics. Barry takes that responsibility very seriously and it's why we have run a campaign focused on the issues. Barry is not more of the same."

The pledge is below.

I pledge to refrain from negative campaigning against my fellow Democratic candidates for the duration of this primary campaign. This includes mailings, advertisements, and false information perpetuated by both my campaign and interest groups supporting me.

Instead, I will focus on the issues facing this district and my ideas for tackling them. I make this pledge to the constituents of the 5th Congressional District of Massachusetts.

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