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Eliminating Computer Voting Systems

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July 24, 2003

Eliminating Computer Voting Systems
By Harry Braun

According to an article "Computer Voting is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say," written by John Schwartz and published in The New York Times (July24, 2003), the software that runs many of the high-tech voting machines contains serious flaws that allows voters or poll workers to alter ballots and election outcomes without being detected. According to Dr. Aviel D. Rubin, the technical director of Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University who participated in the evaluation of the software developed by Diebold Elections Systems that is used in over 33,000 computer voting machines in the U.S., "We found some stunning, stunning flaws." According to Dr. Adam Stubblefield, one of the study's co-authors, even though such systems issue computer-chip bearing "smart cards" to voters, anyone with $100 worth of computer equipment could allow people to produce these smart cards that would allow them to vote as many times as they like. The list of flaws in the in the Diebold software is long, according to the paper, which is online at

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