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War Perspectives

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February 16, 2003 Tel: 602) 977-0888

War Perspectives
By Harry Braun

Author of The Phoenix Project (

Shifting From Oil to Hydrogen with Wartime Speed

If the people who are advocating war were the one'swhose lives, families and homes were going to be
destroyed in the conflict, they would quickly change their views.

Anyone who has viewed Saving Private Ryan can begin to appreciate the indescribable brutality of war. While it is easy for an American superpower to bomb the relatively primitive people in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of the civilized world views the Bush administration's imperial America as a murderous bully who only attacks people and countries who are hopelessly outclassed and unable to defend themselves. No one likes a bully, yet President Bush has arrogantly stated on numerous occasions that he intends to go to war with Iraq regardless of what our closest allies or the United Nations authorize, which means the Bush administration will only further isolate the U.S. an outlaw nation that disregards international law.

These Bush policies have fostered the most intense anti-Americanism in history - not only from our enemies-but from our closest allies as well. Even in the U.S., two-thirds of Americans do not want to go to war unless it is authorized by the UN, and although Tony Blair has sided with Bush, recent polls indicate that roughly 90 percent of the British population is also opposed to the war unless it is sanctioned by the UN. These views are not only shared by France, Germany, Russia and China-but Canada and Mexico as well.

More ominously, this hard-line policy of the Bush Administration has probably forced Saddam Hussein to already give away much of his chemical and biological weapons to the Islamic fundamentalists who have pledged to the death to attack the U.S. Without this pressure from the Bush administration, Saddam would have never given such weapons or support to al Qaeda because he was concerned that al Qaeda would use the weapons against him. Bin Laden has long despised Saddam because he is a secular leader who encouraged Iraq to embrace western attitudes. Indeed, Iraq is the most westernized country in the Middle East, where women are not only allowed to wear western clothes and makeup, but to be educated to hold high-level professional positions and even serve in the most elite branches of the military.

According to The New York Times (Feb. 2, 2003) CIA analysts complained that "senior administration
officials have exaggerated the significance of some of the intelligence reports about Iraq, particularly
about its possible links to terrorism, in order to strengthen their political argument for war." The report
also states that FBI analysts said they were baffled by the Bush administration's insistence on a solid
link between Iraq and bin Laden's network. "We've been looking at this hard for more than a year
and you know what, we just don't think it's there."

After the attacks on 9/11, there was unprecedented world-wide support for America, yet the policies of the Bush administration have not only vaporized this support, but have now resulted in the most intense level of anti-Americanism in history. Indeed, the majority of people in the world are now far more concerned about the imperial Bush administration, which would never give up its vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, than they are about Saddam Hussein, whose weapons have been mostly destroyed, not by Desert Storm, but by U.N. inspectors.

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