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A Devastating Non-Toxic Mosquito Killer: Soapy Water

Location: Unknown

By Harry Braun

Mosquitoes kill an estimated 2 million people annually in the world, making the mosquito the most deadly animal known to humans. With the increasing threat from the mosquito-carrying West Nile virus, it is important to know that there is very powerful, poison-free weapon against disease-causing mosquitoes that like to reside around kitchen sinks, showers and toilets: soapy water delivered in a misting spray from any conventional plastic spray bottle. A 10-percent solution of any commercial liquid soap mixed with water is all that is required to literally knock mosquitoes (or other flying insects) right out of the air as they attempt to fly through the soapy mist spray. When they hit the ground, they are essentially helpless and typically die within 15 to 20 seconds, depending on the water/soap concentration. The higher the concentration of soap, the quicker the insects will die. The mosquito and the surrounding area sprayed with soap can then be easily cleaned up with tissue paper.

The Enemy

The mosquito is one of humankind's oldest enemies,
and it is remarkably difficult to kill if it is "on the fly:"
or sitting in a sink among glasses or dishes.

Warning: Do not use the soap spray on plant leaves. The soapy mixture that dissolves the microstructure of the insects, will also damage most plants if they are not immediately rinsed with water. The soap water spray is also highly effective against ants, roaches and a wide range of other insects that find their way in to your home. For areas where soap spray is not practical, a shop vacuum is also a highly effective method of eliminating the pests.

About the Author

For the past 30-years, Harry Braun has worked as an energy and environmental analyst. He is the author of The Phoenix Project: Shifting From Oil to Hydrogen ( and numerous technical papers and articles on energy technologies and resources. Any questions or comments on his observations regarding mosquito control are appreciated.

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