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A Real Anti-Terrorism Strategy

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A Real Anti-Terrorism Strategy

"There is no question we must confront terrorists with the full force of our military might. As commander-in-chief, I will never hesitate to do everything in my power to protect Americans and our allies, to root out terrorist cells, and to strike swiftly and strongly against those who would do us harm. And we must stay on the offensive against both terrorism and its root causes." - John Edwards

As president, Senator John Edwards will employ a more effective strategy to hunt down those who would threaten us, including Islamic extremists, and to shut down terrorism where it starts—in weak and failing states, which breed instability and radicalism. America is less safe today because of President Bush's "War on Terror" doctrine. The State Department recently released a report revealing a 29 percent increase in terrorism worldwide from 2005 to 2006. Al Qaeda has recently been expanding across Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Europe. Edwards will move beyond the failed "War on Terror" doctrine with a real strategy to shut down terrorism by:
Rebalancing our Force Structure for the Challenges of the New Century

As president, Edwards will provide enough troops to rebuild from Iraq; to bolster deterrence; to double our Special Forces to attack and defeat terrorists; to decrease our heavy reliance on Guard and Reserve members in military operations; and to deploy in Afghanistan and any other trouble spots.
Ensuring our Intelligence Strategy Adheres to Proven and Effective Methods

Edwards will ensure that we aggressively gather intelligence in accordance with proven methods. He will also avoid giving others an excuse to abandon international law by closing Guantanamo Bay, restoring habeas corpus, and banning torture.
Regular Meetings with Top Military Leadership

As president, Edwards will institute regular, one-on-one meetings with top military leadership. He will return to military professionals primary responsibility in matters of tactics and operations, and task civilians authority with matters of broad strategy and political decisions.
A "Marshall Corps" to Stabilize Weak and Failing States

As president, Edwards will create a "Marshall Corps" of 10,000 professionals, modeled on the Reserves systems, who will work on stabilization and humanitarian missions in weak and failing states that can become hotbeds for terrorism and create regional instability.
Resetting the Force

Over 1,000 vehicles like tanks and helicopters have been lost in Iraq, and our equipment is being used at a rate of five to six times its peacetime use. As president, Edwards will re-invest in the maintenance of our equipment.
A "Smart Power" Strategy Against Terrorism's Root Causes

Terrorism takes root in weak and failing states. Poverty increases the risk to America by providing a safe harbor for instability, extremism, and terrorism. As president, Edwards will attack these root causes with dramatic increases in funding for global primary education, clean drinking water, protection of constitutional and democratic rights, and economic opportunity.

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