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The American Spectator - McCain's Conservative Moment

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The American Spectator - McCain's Conservative Moment

By Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

Article Excerpt

John McCain has gotten it right...


When people die as a result of a bridge collapse -- a bridge collapse! -- it should be time for American conservatives to pay attention to something John McCain, to his credit, has been saying consistently for years. When it comes right down to it, members of Congress, as repeatedly expressed in their spending choices, seem to care more about their own re-election. They appear unable to make tough choices, unwilling to go on record opposing projects in their own state or district out of fear of losing their seat.

Which raises the inevitable question as we approach 2008. Why bother to elect Republicans if they don't have the courage to stop spending like Democrats? What is the point of all the hoopla if conservatives have developed a political crack cocaine habit of their own?

The answer to the appalling experience that the people of the Twin Cities are enduring is not to snort another gram of the political crack that is raising their taxes. The answer is to stop taking the crack. Stop by cutting out the theater money and the soybean money, the light rail corridor or the presidential library money and the endless list of projects after that. In the federal transportation bill passed in 2005 at a cost of $286 billion -- that's billion -- there were over 6,000 earmarks.

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