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New York Times - In Brooklyn, Cheers for Obama

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New York Times - In Brooklyn, Cheers for Obama

By Annie Correal

Senator Barack Obama came into the heart of Hillary country Wednesday night for a fundraiser organized by the group Brooklyn for Barack.

His wide-ranging 40-minute speech included, of course, a discussion of Iraq. "Let's face it," he said. "Things aren't going well." He paused. "There was a debate"

"And you did all right!" shouted a member of the audience, which packed the reserved room at New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, as well as another room where the rally was simulcast.

"That's because people started listening to what I was saying," he said. The crowd erupted into long applause.

"What a speaker," said Barbara Barran,59. "This is like John Kennedy, and for those of us of that vintage, he's that

But some Brooklynites wanted more. "He was a breath of fresh air" said Charles Barron, a New York City councilman, who represents parts of East New York. "But I wish he would bring it to the neighborhoods, not just the Marriott."

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