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Carter: "The State of Central Texas is Good."

Press Release

Location: Round Rock, TX


U.S. Congressman John Carter (TX-31), House Conference Secretary, today delivered the third annual State of the District Address in Leander, Texas. During the address, Congressman Carter spoke to a group of public officials and community leaders about the state of the 31st Congressional District and policy in Washington D.C. that affects Central Texas.

"I am here to tell you that the state of the 31st Congressional District is good," Congressman Carter said. "Our booming region serves as the crossroads for technology, agriculture, education and economic development. When you start looking at the America of the future, you can look at Central Texas and see a perfect example of what is to come for the rest of our country. And the best thing about our area is that in the midst of rapid growth and change, we are still the same common sense Texans with the good morals and values that we have always been.

"Although Central Texas has an ever-growing strong economy, our challenge will be to maintain the way of life we have grown up to love. We must continue to have a strong sense of community where we look after one another. We must continue to strive for a healthy environment with clean air and water for the next generations of Central Texans. We must still continue with the same work ethic and diligence that we are known for. And most importantly, we must still stay deeply rooted in the Texas values that make the people of this area so genuine."

Among the topics discussed were the War on Terror, immigration, higher taxes, Medicare and the economy. Carter stressed how he is willing to work alongside conservative Democrats to form good policy that will benefit Central Texas and our nation as a whole.

"Many of my colleagues in Washington think the best way to run this country is to expand the federal government," Carter continued. "I say that bigger government is the problem. We should work to secure our nation's borders, keep taxes low and keep our economy growing. And we should support those brave men and women who are fighting to ensure that the next generations of Americans have the same freedom that we enjoy today. As your Congressman, and as a Central Texan, I will continue to push for sound policy that reflects the common sense principles of our great state."

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