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KGO News - John McCain Speaks At Stanford Summit

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KGO News - John McCain Speaks At Stanford Summit

By Noel Cisneros, KGO News
August 2, 2007

Article Excerpt

Aug. 1, 2007 (KGO) - Tough talk by presidential candidate Barack Obama created some controversy on the campaign trail Wednesday. The Democratic senator warned that he would use military force in Pakistan if not enough was done to stop terrorism inside its borders.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain called those remarks simplistic during a campaign swing through Silicon Valley today. He added that this is proof Senator Obama doesn't understand the complexities of the Middle East.

Senator John McCain took issue with Barack Obama's remarks.

Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona: "It's a very delicate situation and one that I think you really have to understand the players, you have to understand that Musharraf is on shaky ground. It would be very serious consequences if he were overthorwn and replaced by radical Islamic government."

McCain spoke to a full house at a technology conference at Stanford.

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