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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

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July 28, 2003

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
By Harry Braun

The Problems

Over 90% of the ancient global ocean ecosystems are already dead, and the remaining marine ecosystems are now in the final stages of being exterminated. The mercury content of the remaining fish is so high that FDA and EPA have warned consumers to reduce their intake of fish. Most of the mercury in the fish comes from coal burning power plants that now provide half of the nation.s electricity. There are more than 100 corroding nuclear plants that are ticking time bombs waiting to detonate, and when they do, a vast area of the continental U.S. will be contaminated for millions of years. Alan Greenspan has warned that natural gas shortages will soon be threatening our economy, and natural gas drilling rigs devastate the land and water resources, as well as the lives of thousands of ranchers who must deal with compressor stations that roar like jet engines 24-hours a day. There is also the fact that air and water pollution now forces millions of American to raise their families in toxic environments that result in billions of dollars of health care costs annually, not to mention the day-to-day quality of life issues of living with a toxic brew in the air that your can see. If that were not enough to worry about, consider that grain reserves in the U.S. are at the lowest levels since records have been kept, and while President Bush is not concerned about global warming and climate change issues, he obviously is not aware of the fact that seed fertilization rates go from 100% to 0% when the average air temperature goes from 92ºF to 103ºF. Imagine arriving at the supermarket that has no food available, and you suddenly realize that none is coming. As you are rushing home to inventory how much food . and ammunition . you have on hand, you would then begin to realize that we are all like the passengers on the Titanic, and we have very little time to change course.

The Phoenix Project Solution

Imagine restoring ocean ecosystems and having a crystal clear day every day, where your home and vehicles have all been modified to use hydrogen, the only energy option that is safer than gasoline, pollution-free and inexhaustible-assuming it is generated from wind and other solar technologies. Making hydrogen from fossil and nuclear fuels does nothing to resolve the fundamental supply and environmental problems, but if the hydrogen is made from water with solar energy (which is what green plants on the earth have been doing successfully for over 3.5 billion years) then hydrogen can displace not only imported oil, but all fossil and nuclear fuels, worldwide, forever. Hydrogen is also the only .universal fuel,. which means it can power virtually any engine or vehicle, including spacecraft, aircraft, ships, trains, or a Coleman stove on a mountain top, as well as a cell phone-linked laptop computer/stereo system.

There are many renewable hydrogen production options, including wind systems, photovoltaic cells, ocean thermal power plants, wave machines, and biomass resources, such as corn, sewage and agricultural wastes. However, from a perspective of speed of production and installation, overall cost and impact to the environment, wind machines have many distinct advantages. Wind systems are well characterized and generate electricity for less cost than any other energy options, renewable or otherwise. Moreover, because wind systems are very similar to an automobile and airplane from a manufacturing perspective, they can be rapidly mass-produced in the automotive and aerospace industries for large-scale hydrogen production. The 10 million one megawatt wind systems could be made in less than one year once the tooling is in place, and the multi-trillion capital investment will not be paid for by taxpayers, but oil and utility companies who will rapidly become solar hydrogen companies, providing sustainable prosperity with out pollution for the global human community. For more information, refer to the Phoenix Project website.

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