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Governor Romney On The Announcement Of New Immigration Enforcement

Press Release

Location: Boston, MA

Governor Romney On The Announcement Of New Immigration Enforcement

Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on the Administration's new measures to enforce our nation's immigration laws:

"Today's announcement of stepped-up measures to enforce existing immigration law is a welcome development. We must get serious if we are to secure our nation's borders.

"For far too long, lax enforcement and the adoption of policies that have created sanctuary cities for those entering the country illegally have put a strain on our border enforcement efforts and worsened our illegal immigration problem. We must take action to prevent sanctuary city policies that invite more illegal immigration and offer zones of protection for lawbreakers.

"As a governor who worked with the federal government to deputize state law enforcement officials to enforce immigration laws, I understand the importance of joint federal-state efforts to uphold the law and take action against illegal immigration.

"I applaud this strong and urgent action to strengthen our border security and enforce existing immigration laws."

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