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Lowell Sun - Billerica Republican Town Committee Snubs Tom Tierney

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Location: Unknown


THE BILLERICA Republican Town Committee is hosting a Town Meeting-style question-and-answer session with Ogonowski tomorrow night.

However, Ogonowski is not the only Republican in the race. So, why wasn't Tom Tierney invited?

"Not as a group, but as individual members we are supporting Jim," said Committee Chairman Sandy MacMillan. "We are just trying to get the word out."

She said when Ogonowski entered the race he contacted all local Republican town committees, but they have yet to hear from Tierney. MacMillan said a member of her group did try to contact him.

Tierney said the snub is "like water off the back of a duck," adding that he is not at all surprised.

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He continues "They are elected officials and they are doing a dis-service to the Republican voters of Billerica. They are supposed to present Republican Candidates to the voters and let the voters decide for themselves who they would vote for in the primary. So let me get this straight, they are going to have a town style question and answer session with someone they have already stated that they are going to support? Why? they already made up their minds didn't they? It's double talk to say that, 'Not as a group, but as individuals we are supporting Jim Ogonowski,' they are supporting Ogonowski, however I am not all surprised by their actions."

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