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Kerry Tells Bush to Restore Integrity to Justice Department


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Tells Bush to Restore Integrity to Justice Department

Sen. John Kerry issued the following statement today, following the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

"Alberto Gonzales turned the Justice Department into a political arm of the White House and he should have resigned long ago," Kerry said. "From the firings of the US Attorneys to evasion about illegal wiretapping, Gonzales single-handedly damaged the integrity of our legal system and subverted efforts to get to the truth. This is a critical moment. President Bush can either continue on a divisive and destructive path, or choose in the next Attorney General someone who knows they're not the president's lawyer but rather the nation's top law enforcement officer. The President should choose a replacement that gives the department a fresh start, untainted by controversy; and even with Gonzales gone, Congress must keep pushing until we get truth and accountability on unanswered questions involving everything from illegal wiretapping to the US Attorneys scandal."

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