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We must get out, out, out, out, all out, and make it NOW! No ifs, ands or buts. This organization will never function properly as a world policeman or arbitrator in its present form. The U.N. seems to be no more than a larger version of the governments of many individual countries, ours included, riddled with graft, ineptitude, waste, inaction and a poor (kindly stated) perception.

I do not believe that the United States has anything to gain by being a member of the U.N. but does have much to perpetually lose. After immediately dropping membership in the U.N., I would not favor rejoining until a complete realignment takes place. There is no way that one corrupt agency can oversee other corrupt agencies. The U.N. will need to have a revised structure, which adequately defines objectives, provides fair and meaningful funding, establishes laws and rules for accomplishing its goals and defines a voting procedure, which lends itself to action and resolution, before I would even consider being a member. How does an organization permit food-for-oil and genocide in the same breath?

I am essentially highly opposed to any form of world government. Some experts claim that there is a tight worldwide inner circle, including numerous members of our own government, that has keen interest in creating a "Greater America" without borders, including Canada, Mexico and possibly Central America. It would be one giant country (so to speak) called America, which would be a part of some even greater world order. Ladies and gentlemen, I am vehemently opposed to any attempt at world rule or any world order. It is not what our forefathers had in mind, and I do not think that it is what you have in mind. Beware of this covert effort. Ask about it. Dig into it. Help to bring it to the surface. As I discover more factual data and the names associated with this rather secret movement, I will share with you. You must think deeply on this matter.

The United States should have one priority in this arena. We need to define those countries, which are either in our pen or not, or we are going to be "On the outside looking in". It is not pretty out there, citizens. What 5 countries can you honestly name, which are real allies to the United States? Russia is NOT our friend or ally. China is NOT our friend or ally. France is NOT our friend or ally. Venezuela is NOT our friend or ally. So, who are our friends or allies?

Our government has totally dropped the proverbial ball since World War II ended. We are embroiled in a worldwide mess of huge proportions, and I do not see the United Nations or any other world rule as the answer. There are factions everywhere one looks. They may be geographic, religious, cultural or economic, but they exist. I think that the U.S. needs to deeply search for allies, whose wants, needs and goals are compatible with its own and to strike written accords with them. How often have we granted foreign aid to a country, including but not limited to cash, food and military arms, aircraft and equipment. Then, said country has turned upon us and at times, has used our very arms against us. I have NO alliance with or allegiance to the John Birch Society, however a representative and member of the J.B.S. was the featured speaker on a C-Span television production several weeks ago, which I viewed. I was amazed at how closely the positions of J.B.S. parallel my own regarding border security and control, immigration and the mythical quest of some for a new world order. I know that there are many of you, who will share these views.

Again, I am attempting to provoke your most genuine consideration. I am staunch on border/port security and homeland defense, immigration, value of citizenship, the law, the foreign trade deficit and more because we are going to need it. I do not know if you realize just how precarious our situation is. We need to develop an acute sense of one-for-all and all-for-one (like the 3 musketeers) or nationalism, and we need it NOW. Thank you.

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