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Does anyone actually believe that the pen is mightier than the sword? The supposed mighty pen has caused more grief, aggravation and national weakness and debt by its stroke than any sword, as it has been applied to contracts and agreements, which have placed our Republic into foreign ownership. It is, quite frankly, a pure disgrace for this fine country to be in debt up to its gluteus maximus. Is this scary, frightening and disconcerting? Absolutely! Can anything be done about this crisis? If you feel strongly and vote YOUR conscience, you bet something can be done.

About two years ago, there was a television special, during which the Director of the Port of Seattle was interviewed. She plainly and clearly stated that, during the previous calendar year, total U.S. exports through the Seattle Port by all domestic producers, was valued at 3.5 billion dollars. She also stated that Wal-Mart alone from China alone, imported through her port, goods valued at 35 billion dollars. When this hideous imbalance in volume and value is multiplied by the number of ports in the U.S., only hell on earth can result and indeed has resulted. The piper must always be paid. It is strictly only the matters of when and how.

A gentleman, named Samuel Foreman, hosts a wonderful program each Saturday morning on a local radio station in Toledo, Ohio, AM 1370 WSPD, called Seniors Only Finance, and Mr. Foreman is referred to as the Financial Coach. While this program is largely geared toward helping seniors with investment strategy, retirement, estate-planning, etc., Mr. Foremen usually delves into the reasons why a particular strategy is recommended. Mr. Foreman elaborates on matters such as negative savings for us as a nation and the ramifications of the federal budget deficit and the foreign trade deficit. He relates these factors to stocks, bonds, interest rates and the dollar's value (or lack thereof). I hope to meet Sam Foreman soon. Before quoting some of the horrible facts and statistics revealed on the S.O.F. Program, I would prefer to obtain them first-hand, and with Mr. Foreman's permission, I will then share them with you by up-dating this section. You will be appalled!

It is now being widely reported that foreign interests are purchasing huge amounts of acreage, in Michigan and Ohio to wit, on which they are developing mega-farms, and they are doing these things with our very own dollars, which have bled from our country. It is said that these whopper farms will have an extremely negative effect on water, air and soil quality in large areas surrounding these mega-farms. It is also being reported that foreign countries, especially China, are planning to now purchase our home mortgages in large quantities. Again, this is possible due to the tremendous amounts of Yankee dollars, siphoned from our economy by the immense borrowing by our federal government, in an effort to continue to sustain and ever increase the debt. Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you take a stand with me, toward the immediate reduction and eventual elimination of this republic's debt.

Let us not continue down the road to perdition. Math does not lie.

We have already condemned our children, and who knows how many more generations, to overwhelming obligation. We may not continue to live and remain in a dream-world, a bubble so to speak. How do you imagine that this debt will be erased? Sooner, rather than later, steps must be taken to stop this runaway train. Only two steps exist - a drastic reduction in ludicrous spending by government and the paying of taxes. Tax increases alone would put the people on their backs. Reductions in spending alone will be insufficient to resolve the debt. I have stated and will continue to state that the piper must be paid. Together, we can sacrifice across the board to devise programs, which though painful to a degree will resolve the debt issue. Believe me please that, the sooner we begin to experience the pain, the less will be its level and duration. You would not expect your doctor nor your President to lie to you regarding pain.

Nobody can convince me that we cannot "Make it here and buy it here". We have the ingenuity, the intelligence and the imagination to right this ship. We need only put aside the partisan politics and our states of contentedness to have immediate impact. We took a peacetime economy, when we entered World War II, and turned this country into a dynamo. We produced ships, tanks, ammunitions, aircraft and uniforms such as the world thought impossible. We did this because we NEEDED to do it. We must now, once again, enter the NEED mode for our salvation. Let's step up to the plate.

We cannot alleviate this mess all at once, but grant me that the mile begins with one step. A starting place must be established. In addition to the budget deficit and the foreign trade deficit, more dollars bleed from home due to foreign aid programs, the various foreign conflicts in which we are involved and through the United Nations joke, among others. All taxing and spending programs simply must be analyzed for effectiveness and cost versus benefit. Folks, it is now time to place the needs of the United States and her citizens ahead of the needs of others. It seems harsh, but it is true. Also, it is time that we, the people, place a higher value on our own needs than on our own wants.

I say that we shall sell military materials to other allies, but there will be no more gimmies. What if our trade policy read as follows: If you, China, France, Japan, Egypt, India, Mexico and Luxemburg, buy a dollar's worth of goods from the U.S., then, the U.S. will buy a dollar's worth of goods from you? The foreign trade deficit, extremely out of balance and not in our favor, amounts to nothing but unwarranted foreign aid. That's correct, foreign trade is foreign aid, when not balanced. I wish to continue to pound home the core principles of reality, simplicity, balance, lawfulness and efficiency.

The resolution of this and other critical issues is entirely in your hands, citizens. I know that you are perplexed about the confusing state of affairs of our government, our economy, our taxing system, our excessive spending, our security and the overall outlook. The choices are clear and only two deep: Continue the same nonchalance, as our quasi-leaders have for decades exhibited, and either not vote or vote to place 90% of the incumbents in office again, OR get proactive by voting for persons with a plan - candidates with specific plans to negate lingering and perpetual flies in the ointment. I, for one, am disgusted with committees, investigations, examinations and studies. I want to start with the border issue and one-by-one, eliminate major issues, according to a priority list, from existence. As obstacles to our prosperous future are removed, one-at-a-time, you will begin to rejoice (I like this word) and to experience relief. Thank you.

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