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Our three-part government, consisting of the President or Executive Branch, the Congress or Legislative Branch and the Supreme Court or Judiciary Branch, is mentioned a great deal. In reality, we have a four-part government. Often missing from the governmental equation, so to speak, are the citizens, the people, the voters or those for whom the other three parts supposedly exist, those for whom the bell tolls. You are part 4. You are the investors or the shareholders. You invest in the other 3 parts in the form of your tax dollars, so many of them at that. As a resulting shareholder, I believe that you have a right to expect a return on your dollars, a dividend if you will. Would you agree that, since 2000, your return on investment has been shabby at best? I am compelled to beat the dead horse until a live one appears on the seen.

Now, I wish to profoundly state that, as President, I will veto each and every bill that the Legislature hands to me, which is not pure, clean, well-directed, simple, balanced, fair and pork-free. This is a BOLD statement, but I mean what I say. Each bill from Congress that I sign into law will be heavily scrutinized as to necessity, specific purpose, funding, term and ability to be enforced. I will sign none other than a stand-alone bill. All too often, a perfectly logical and beneficial piece of legislation is approved by the President at a cost far greater than the bill should cost. This is because of the riders, earmarks, amendments, special and selfish interests, waste and pork, which become attached. I declare that a bill, which can or will not stand on its own merit, should never be signed into law. The occasionally mentioned line-item-veto does not exist nor is there any need for it to exist if stand-alone bills only are submitted to the President.

The congress becomes extremely upset by and possessed by the thought that the Supreme Court may from time-to-time appear to legislate from the bench or to seem to instigate or institute new law by virtue of its decisions. I understand this, for law should be initiated by congress and only ruled upon by the courts. For the courts to render new law, in conjunction with their decisions, is unconstitutional. Amen.

So, why is it then that congress discusses legislation, independent of you and I, designs legislation and then, votes on its own legislation. It gives the appearance that the old fox is in charge of the henhouse. I am wondering if perhaps, since the court should not legislate, the legislature should not vote (accept as individuals). Is not voting part of our obligation and responsibility? Have you ever given consideration to voting directly on issues and laws? Would it be a problem to vote several times per year directly on laws or issues that concern you? Should you not at least be entitled to state an opinion by voting on referenda? Should voting machines only be used once every two years and gather dust in the meantime? When was the last time, any elected official surveyed your household to determine your thoughts on a particular subject?

One problem is that, once a person is elected to office for two, four or six years or appointed for years or for life, he is no longer interested in wooing you, your interest or your vote. This is sad because you should be wooed regularly for your opinions and input. It is human nature for a person to vote his own conscience once he or she assumes the position (no pun intended).

We need to have a shake-up in our thought processes. This is what I am trying to instill. What changes need to be made? What is or may be the correct manner in which to accomplish these changes? I heard on KDKA AM Radio, as I traveled through Western Pennsylvania, that the incumbent is elected to office more than 90% of the time. It puzzles me to constantly hear of the discontent and dissatisfaction that citizens express about "The way things are". I urge you to do something positive about this. If you register and subsequently vote in November 2008, and if you simply pull the same party handle that you have for years, you will not accomplish anything positive at all. You will simply insure four more years of the same intra-party and inter-party power struggles.

Please do scrutinize my address of the "Two-Party Scourge". I will show you that, the more you compare the two nationally recognized (by the media) parties, the more they are nearly the same. The election in 2008 may be the most important one in history and in this century. There are many fine, well-intentioned and honorable men and women in high elected offices, but some are not so. The rub is that the offices are political, and those, who fill the offices, become political as well.

Sirs and Dames, thank you.

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