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Worth repeating is the fact that, without both law and enforcement, there is no order. I am not of a cold, hard heart, but I am also not soft and mushy of the mind. I may be considered hard and cold, when it comes to the law of our land and its enforcement.

NOTE: Who in this republic is guilty of treason, according to the definition, which is stated in Words & Phrases? The definition is worth reiterating. We consider the word, treason, to be a dirty and ugly word because we associate it with disloyalty or unfaithfulness to that, which we hold dear. Treason is a violation of allegiance toward one's sovereign or country, especially, the betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies. Treason is any betrayal of trust and confidence or treachery. Are not illegal aliens from any other sovereign the enemy? Again, who precisely has betrayed the trust of the American citizen I ask?

I propose to place the border security and protection issue on the congressional table, and I will not leave the table until the border doors are slammed shut or until I am full to my epiglottis with congressional malarkey, in which case I will heave and return to the table. I will not quit until the border issue is firstly and predominantly resolved. Then and only then, will I move to the creation of the border service unit and then to this Immigration issue. If this is felt to be hard-line, then I am a hard-liner.

The lock-down of our borders will accomplish two primary goals. Firstly, everyone who is outside of our borders will remain outside. Secondly, all who are inside our borders will remain inside. No illegal alien will penetrate in either direction. A hiatus will be placed on all immigration, including that of legal or naturalized type. At this point in time, any illegal resident within in the confines of the United States will have but two options: to surrender to authorities or to evade or avoid the authorities.

It is my opinion that most illegal aliens, given knowledge of the two choices, will voluntarily come forth to be counted. I propose that each alien, who surrenders, has his file time-and-date stamped for priority's sake and possible future consideration. Each illegal alien, who comes forward, will be assigned a specially coded number. Each volunteer will be fully identified and accurately documented including but not limited to age, sex, country of origin, marital status and family members, length of time in the U.S., name of employer and reasons for illegally entering our country and staying illegally. Each alien would be photographed and finger-printed. Dental x-rays will be taken and any known medical deficiencies, birthmarks and identifiers will be noted. An alien, who surrenders, will be given a work visa to remain in the U.S. for 6 or 9 months to put his affairs in order, at which time, he will voluntarily return to his native land. If not, he will immediately fall into the next category, which is avoid or evade.

NOTE: I maintain that there should be only one definition of an American citizen, namely, he must be born of a father and a mother, who are both citizens of the U.S.

NOTE: There will be no such thing as a person with dual citizenship. As the very definition of a citizen states that said may have loyalty to only one sovereign, the concept of dual citizenship is ludicrous. It will be neither recognized nor permitted.

Those illegal aliens , who do not surrender or come forth voluntarily, will most likely be the ones in the gangs, the criminals, the ones in the sex, drug or slave trades and those involved in other illegal activities. In this case, the aliens must be sought, apprehended and documented and identified fully as stated above and deported immediately, no questions asked, with no opportunity to ever re-enter this country.

Anyone caught aiding, abetting, harboring, employing, withholding knowledge, assisting or covering-up in any way will be subject to heavy penalties. At this point and only at this point, may we examine current naturalization laws and admission numbers and any changes, which may be instituted. I would not oppose a stiffening of the laws and requirements for citizenship nor an increase of the annual admission number. In this manner, some consideration may be given to those, who hasten to surrender and to comply, based in large part on the time-and-date stamp of the surrender but with other considerations as well.

One simple fact is that, when a crime is committed or any law broken, a penalty must be paid. "Nothing is free", you continue to hear me utter. Another simple fact is that our prosecutors encourage and accept plea bargains frequently as a means of landing another or larger fish. How would you react if I told you that I favored amnesty or complete forgiveness for the next 5 million armed bank-robbers, for the next 4 million white-collar criminals, for the next 3 million child-molesters, for the next 2 million rapists and the next 1 million murderers. You would go nuts! You would want to hang me on the White House lawn, yet, congress proposes amnesty for 15 to 20 million Mexican aliens. They broke the law, then, demonstrated illegally regarding rights that they do not even have. To add insult to injury, these illegal Mexican residents waved the Mexican flag and vowed to reclaim and retake our Southwest.

Perhaps some of you do not realize that the Mexican War was fought in 1846 to 1848, and guess what? The U.S. was victorious. So, when was the last time that a country, which lost the battle or the war gained any territory or rights? The war was fought over our annexation of Texas, huge American settlements in then Mexican California and over claims by Americans citizens whose persons had been injured and whose property had been damaged during the frequent Mexican revolutions of the period. The U.S., by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, paid the Mexican government 15 million dollars and agreed to settle the claims by American citizens against Mexico. It is a fact. We won. They lost. They have no claim to any place north of the border established by the treaty on Feb. 2, 1848.

This crisis, which American citizens face today falls squarely on the shoulders of our presidents and congressmen over several decades at least. In fact, the Constitution provides for the congress to form a uniform naturalization rule but says nothing about enforcing it. So, congress does not enforce it. I love Mexican food and music. The Mexican culture is a fine one. I honor the culture, but I may not condone the ignorance of the laws of the United States.

NOTE: What is the cost of 30, 40 or 50 million gallons of fresh water per day for aliens to drink, cook and bathe? Most of this water is consumed in an area, where fresh water is in short supply anyway in the Southwest. If each alien generates just ½ pound of garbage per day, what is the cost of disposing of 8 -10 million pounds of garbage per day? If an alien poops just ½ pound per day, what is the cost of disposing of 4,000 to 5,000 tons of poop per day? Add to these the strains on our educational system, the cost to our health care system and the adverse affects on crime, the environment, the economy and more, and one can plainly see that Immigration must be a top priority.

NOTE: I repeat that, although order may not exist without law, only the enforcement of said law will guarantee order. I ask you to stand by and with me on this issue. As we put to bed this topic and others, one-by-one, we will slowly and methodically remove issues from our priority list (see survey I). As we resolve one major problem, we move hurriedly to the next, and the next and the next.

This, my supporters, is going to be the battle of a lifetime against those, who have sat on their fat parts for years and who favor status quo (no change in policy). Please join me with your signature and your investment of support. Let us eat the elephant (and the mule) one bite at a time. The politicians may be nonchalant, but we are not. The politicians may be satisfied, but we are not. The politicians may not care about their main responsibility of conducting and administering our government, but we DO.

I hold this immigration truth to be self-evident that the laws, though barely adequate, have been pitifully not enforced and that only self-interesting, surface treatment has been given by our elected and, I might add, highly paid leaders. If the shoe fits, wear it.

I offer my personal appreciation to the "Minutemen", who have made every effort to secure our borders. Your sacrifices, steadfastness and first-hand information and advice, though ignored and perhaps countermanded by government, are meaningful to me, and I do sincerely thank you. Please join my other supporters and me in eliminating the immigration blight.

I hope that I have planted a seed or two. Only you can make them grow. I have many more vital issues to contemplate, more seeds to plant. Thanks for reading.

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