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It seems that there is one basic word, which describes Ethical Conduct, "Honesty". There are, however, many words, which describe Unethical Conduct, including but not limited to:

* Cheating
* Theft
* Waste
* Padding
* Steering
* Pork
* Abuse
* Misuse
* Fraud
* Bribery
* Forgery
* Scandal
* Siphoning
* Featherbedding
* Nepotism
* Collusion
* Undeclared Gifts
* Favoritism
* Manipulation
* Illegal Campaign Contributions
* Placing Selves Above the Law
* Legislating Against Constituency
* Trust Violations
* Falsification
* Personal Gain

The cost or loss to the U.S. Citizen, due to unethical conduct, is nearly incalculable in terms of hard, cold dollars, time and effort. It is obvious to me that the re-election of the incumbent in over 90% of the cases perpetuates an unethical culture. There are cases of corruption and scandal in the news headlines nearly every day. This corruption seems to penetrate and prevail at all levels of government and in both major political parties. There is a major cleanup, which must take place, and it must begin real soon (now).

As your President, there is little that I may do to reduce or eliminate unethical practices at state and local levels, other than to set a new and good example, but there is plenty that you can do. You can rid your state and local governments of the unethical characters by voting in new blood, where necessary, just as you can vote new breath into the federal government. I can and will, however, set forth immediately to zero in on unethical practices in the federal government. The cost of corruption and unethical acts of conduct is immense, and I will not tolerate them. I will seek out the perpetrators to my best ability and dismiss them immediately, and if restitution is fitting, let it be. There is no excuse for any public official of any rank to take advantage of his or her position in alienating the citizens, whom he or she is sworn to serve, honorably, fairly and professionally. I am a citizen and tax-payer too, and I am just plain sick and tired of being wrenched.

The value of the above briefly described waste and corruption would better offset the costs of health care, social security, border/port security and many more. In my administration, there will be no more $500.00 fur-lined, rhinestone-studded toilet seats. There will be no more $300.00 hammers. Pork will only appear on the hoof, in the super market or on one's dinner table, not free-riding upon otherwise good legislation. If we expect other countries to emulate the U.S., we need to show them how to effect and operate a democracy, which is simple, smooth, effective, fair and strong. To this end, the graft and corruption in every form and in every corner of public service must be uprooted and disposed.

No exceptions. No exemptions. No excuses. It will begin with me, and to employ a coined phrase, "Trickle down to all others". This is not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen. It is merely living up to a high caliber moral code. Can you imagine how great it would be to turn on the T.V. and not hear of government crookedness?

NOTE: I have limited the maximum contribution to my Campaign to $200.00 per person or entity. This will eliminate the funneling, the pipelines, the ill-gotten and any allegiance to party, lobbyist, special interest group or other influence. This, to me, is the most sensible, ethical and practical method of raising funds.

Anyone can make a mistake, but willful illegalities will not be tolerated, such as cover-ups, burying, distorting and extorting. You may take this to the bank, so to speak. I am tired of the democratic pot's calling the republican kettle black or vise versa. Unethical practices know no party bounds, no level bounds and no left or right.

An Eastern State's Legislators magically found monies from a secret or little known fund, which enabled said Legislators to award themselves substantial pay increases.

A rare coin dealer in Ohio, who somehow had care of millions of dollars of the State's Worker's Compensation Funds, illegally funneled many thousands of dollars to the campaign fund of an American President. The funnelor will likely go to jail, while the funnelee will go scot-free. Is not the liquid of crookedness, which goes into the top of the funnel, the same crooked liquid, which comes out of the bottom? Now it has come to light that a chief financial officer of the Board of Workman's Compensation is accused of accepting a $25,000.00 illegal payment by said coin-dealer, presumably to steer the more than 50 million dollars of the B.W.C. to said rare coin-dealer for treatment as an investment

Most people, who involve themselves in these crooked schemes, seem to already have rather cushy positions, including decent wages and benefits. I believe that it is a matter of pure greediness. There is no excuse for this type of personal conduct at the expense of the citizenry. Where have all the flowers gone? Wake-up, Americans! If you do not take it upon yourselves in 2006 and 2008 to purge the system of this costly and outrageous attitude and action, it stands to reason that you will have little right to complain. Do not just register TO vote. Register AND vote.

When is the last time that you knew or have heard of anyone keeping $100,000.00 in cash in a freezer, as one Senator of the U.S. has done, if said money was legally derived?

Judges in major airline bankruptcy cases opt to have the federal government pay for corporate pension deficiencies (with your tax dollars), while cutting wages and benefits for the employees, yet, awarding or upholding multi-million dollar bonuses and retirement programs to corporate executives. This is a fine system for the top dogs, but again, the little guy loses his retirement unless all in the country pay more taxes to the federal government, so it may fund the program, which will assure your pension. Is this a vicious and ridiculous circle or what?

A Midwest Governor paid a pittance of a fine for accepting various freebies without properly reporting them as required.

A Midwest mayor spent $10,000.00 of tax-payers money to have a special personal shower/bathroom facility installed at city hall.

Officials of a nuclear power plant in Northwest Ohio recently boldly lied to federal plant inspectors, regarding the safety condition of the plant. The officials were totally aware of the unsafe condition at the plant but did not want to shut early as a plant shutdown for maintenance was scheduled in about one month from the time of the inspection. The inspectors did discover the unsafe condition and the bold-faced lies, which had been told. Here is the point! A fine of in excess of 20 million dollars was levied against the power plant, much of which the government donated to universities, forest preserves, etc. In my opinion, these dollars should have gone back to the citizens, who paid inflated energy prices to generate the quasi-profit, which was allocated to pay said fine. I have always said that discretionary money is discriminatory money. I am all about your keeping your own money. If you care to donate to the park system or your favorite college, you should choose to donate. Americans are tired of having their money allocated to projects, which they do not particularly favor.

Ladies and gentlemen, the graft, the personal gratification, the waste, the ill-gotten, the ill-spent and the corruption run ramped throughout all levels of government, and you, the tax-payers are held liable, held hostage, to pay for this ludicrousness. It must stop immediately, and I will see that it does. You however, the citizens, must have a part in this clean-up. It is in your interest, and you must support me, express your disgust, if we are to be successful. My guideline to insure the elimination of foul practices to the highest degree possible is simply, "If it is not stated specifically in your wage and benefit package, do not get caught with it or receiving it, and if it is not within the scope of your job description, do not touch it with a ten foot pole". Disobedience to this fundamental, commonsense rule will result in appropriate discipline. There will be no exceptions or exemptions for status, title or position.

In keeping with my theme, neither actors and actresses, athletes, politicians, rock stars, the wealthy nor clergy, to name some, will receive preferential consideration for fouls committed. No more dainty slaps on the wrist for the powerful and influential, while the commoners go to jail for comparable offences.

How may we propose to help, encourage and influence other societies, when crookedness runs wild in our own house? As long as you continue to elect incumbent abusers to the tune of more than 90%, I assure you that nothing will change. We may not continue to cite the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, the Boy Scout Code, etc. if we are going to ignore them in practice.

Complaining to your family, friends, neighbors and associates will not get the task done. Many have approached me to express, "Mac, I will vote for you (regardless of platform). Things could not get any worse". This is not exactly the horse on which I would like to ride, but ride him I will. I would prefer that citizens vote for me, based on the principles for which I stand - simplicity, reality, balance, efficiency and lawfulness.

I am convinced that, what are missing sorely in today's society, are the Ladies and the Gentlemen. This has nothing to do with wealth, status, education or occupation. The ladies and gentlemen are those, whose hearty hand-shake, while looking into your eyes, is their word. They are dependable in accomplishment. They show respect to family, friend, neighbor, associate and colleague. They are courteous even in disagreement. They are reverend. They obey and uphold the law. They revere their country and the flag, which is representative. They need not employ obscenity, especially in the presence of the opposite gender and children. They are neither afraid nor embarrassed to say, "Thank You", "Please", "Yes Ma'm", "No Sir" and "Pardon me". They hold doors open for others and are happy to do it. They do not fear but welcome discussions about religion and politics.

I was raised by my Mother and Father in an environment, which highly promoted the above attitude and conduct. Am I a perfect Gentleman? Of course not, but there is not a day that I do not strive to approach such a state. In the administration of government and the make-up of society, please let there be more Ladies and Gentlemen. I guarantee that all will be smoother, more effective and more enjoyable. Now, who among you does not want this?

Your feelings do not matter until and unless you vote them. Thank you!

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