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Just exactly what is an economy? It is a careful or thrifty use or management of resources, as of income, materials or labor. Also, it is the management of the resources of a country, community or business. To me, each and every entity, be it town, county, state, country, corporation or individual person, has its own economy. The sum of all of the smaller economies within a geographic or political area yields the basic economy for the said area. Any individual economy, in itself, may be a complex and varying system. Greater complexity and variation are introduced, when one considers the compilation of many smaller individual economies into broader state, interstate or national economies.

Let us be honest. How many citizens do you know, who give a flip about the economies of his town, state or country for that matter, so long as his own personal economy is just great? If one's own personal economy is fantastic, and all of his wants and needs are met or exceeded, does he care about you, his neighbor, his aunt and uncle, the senior citizen, the single parent, the veteran, the orphan or the less fortunate and handicapped? Let us be realistic for just once in our lives! Do you honestly feel that the aristdomacracy, the President and all of his men, the Congress and all of its men, the Court and all of its men, the C.E.O.s and all their men and the Governors and all of their men, has any concept of how you live, how you struggle to make ends meet and how your hopes have dwindled? Not only do they care little if at all, but for the most part, they have no intention of doing anything differently, which may improve your plight. There are of course a few exceptions. Some really do care, and we must seek them, find them and keep them.

When a person is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, attends private school, eats regularly such as a king, receives only top-notch medical and dental treatment, is educated at Harvard, Yale or Princeton, wears $1,500.00 suits, pals with those of like advantage, either avoids or evades military service or receives preferential treatment and has tremendous wealth and influence backing his every whim, how may he understand the auto worker, the coal miner, the construction worker, the plumber, the small farmer, the truck driver, the cab driver, the steel worker or the big box employee? How can the aristopresident, the aristosenator or the aristogovernor truly represent the middle class?

"The economy is phenomenal", say the aristopoliticians, but they are speaking of their own economies, not yours. "The stock market is bullish and breaking records regularly", they say. What this means is that corporate profits and profit forecasts are stupendous at the expense of those, who are paying the higher prices. There is a small percentage of Americans, which is receiving the mega millions in salary, receiving mega millions in bonuses and receiving mega millions in stock options. For sure, all who own stock market shares, continue to get wealthier by getting superior dividends. Do not be misled. Your working, earning and spending (while not saving) paid for those superior dividends. WSPD Radio 1370 AM in Toledo recently reported that, of the top ten federal government suppliers, including Boeing, Halliberton, Grumman and several high-tech firms, the C.E.O.s earned from $50 million for #10 to $250 million for #1. Two of the big-box store C.E.O.s in 2005 earned $37.9 million and $15.7 million. I guess that the Bushmeister and his henchmen are right! This really is a great economy, eh? But for whom, I ask? How many shares of Microsoft do you own? How many shares do you have in your portfolio for Halliberton, Wal-mart, Lowe's, Boeing, Grumman, AT & T, I.B.M. and Exxon/Mobil? The aristopoliticians state that low unemployment is an indicator of a strong economy. What percentage of these jobs is at minimum wage or slightly above however? Of what true good is low unemployment rate to our economy if one must work two jobs instead of one? Did you ever wonder exactly how the unemployment figures are derived? Another method of defining this great economy is consumer confidence, the fact that household and personal spending are higher than ever before. So say the aristopoliticians. Do you suppose that they have factored that citizens are spending more, due to higher utility costs? Do you suppose that they have considered not only the higher cost of gasoline and diesel fuel but the higher cost of virtually every good, which is shipped by plane, boat, rail or truck? We're spending more than ever but getting less bang for the buck. Do you equate spending more and receiving less with consumer confidence? They do!

Without a doubt, Americans are spending more than ever, but I am telling you that it is not due to consumer confidence. It is because they are forced so to do. It is true that Americans are spending more than ever before, but they are not earning anymore and in some cases, less. This can only translate in two ways: citizens are spending more on needs than wants and borrowing more for the privilege. Credit card debt is higher than at any time in history. Home refinancing is running wild. Repossessions are way up. Bankruptcies are at their highest levels. Foreclosures are at their greatest height. Education costs are out of sight, perhaps in part due to examples like this one: recently, a prominent university announced on network television that it now has 20,000 students and 7,000 employees. Since when does it take one employee to educate three students? In 2005, America experienced a negative savings for the first time in about 35 years. Who cares about savings? "The economy is good when Americans spend all that they have and then some". This, the aristopoliticians say. One should expect no less from this same government, which also spends more than it has by borrowing to ludicrous lengths and hardly ever presents any savings (surpluses).

Social Security is in shambles, but government officials and employees enjoy lucrative retirement provisions. Our health care system is sky-rocketing in cost but deteriorating in effectiveness and availability, but government employees have the best. We are over-ridden by illegal aliens, who threaten the very texture of our society and economy. We are over-extended militarily, yet, we're borrowing millions of dollars per hour to fund the war. Our foreign trade deficit is higher then ever, but we continue to buy 75% of our goods from China. We have a federal operating deficit, but the pork, graft and waste never cease. Cities and towns are decrepit and getting worse by the day. Our national defense and border and port control stink. Credit card debt is soaring. Bankruptcies are on the rise. Foreclosures are higher than ever. Our three major domestic auto makers are nearly doomed. One foreign car maker advertises on T.V. that it has provided thousands of jobs in the good state, Alabama. This car maker's other ad shows 362 + robots making one of its models. America consumes like a ravenous wolverine but creates very little domestically of what it hogs down. What we waste is nearly equal to what we consume. We are not energy self-sufficient. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that our economy is fantastic. You tell me that replacing tens of thousands of high-paying jobs with tens of thousands of big box and fast food jobs with few if any benefits makes for a super economy or justifies the claiming of a low employment rate.

Be honest with yourself. Demand balance, efficiency, realism, simplicity and lawfulness. Our economy is indeed complex and directly related to and intertwined with other issues, such as immigration, energy, the environment, the taxing system, social security and health care to name a few. One must never hasten toward a quick-fix of one issue, while worsening the condition or status of others. I shall be extremely careful and exploratory in my approach to resolving a particular issue, so as not to confound or compound another. I refuse to be told by partisan politicians that we don't have the wisdom, human and natural resources, impetus and ability to accomplish our objectives. Do not tell me that we cannot prioritize the issues and solve them one-by-one. Partisan politics wastes too much time, effort, talent and money. What we need is the "Want to and can do" of independents to achieve independence. Do you have it in you to make a difference?

Remember all of the politicians, who say, "I'm going to save jobs", "I'll create new jobs" and "I'll bring new jobs to the area" but seldom ever do. Ladies and Gentlemen, you certainly do not want more government jobs to be created, except as may be necessary for national defense. Private industry must invest the money, research and develop the products and market them, and as a result, create the need for trained, skilled and educated employees. The federal government's duty or obligation is to create conditions and an atmosphere and environment, which is conducive to investment in this country and prompts our genius and imagination. This may be accomplished by keeping a maximum amount of money in the individual states, affecting a simple, fair and understandable taxing system, insuring a dependable interstate transportation system, assuring the basic social security and health care of all citizens, protecting and securing our borders, coastlines, seaports and airports, preventing the dilution of our workforce, society and economy by aliens and maintaining a solid enforcement of constitutional law.

I will lead an effort to encourage independent analysis and selection. There is, I feel, still time to gradually and methodically obtain the salvation and perpetuation of our values, our law, our will and our hope, but we just do not have decades to make it happen.

Thank you for reading!

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