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Conscription, as mentioned in my address of the Border/Port Security issue, implies a mandatory service or a draft. I reiterate that I do not feel that a draft will be necessary, although if volunteerism is insufficient, if the necessity dictates and if citizens do not oppose it, I would also not oppose it. I believe that the primary age group for a Border/Port Security service unit would be for men and women 18 to 24 years old. Before you make a snap decision regarding such a security service unit, please read the following bullets:

1. An opportunity will exist for many to serve their country, who are normally rejected by our regular military services. Perhaps one is too tall, too short, to thin or too heavy or has lost a finger, a hand or vision in an eye.
2. The program would be at least 16 weeks in duration.
3. No one in this program would be sent overseas. It will be a domestic service.
4.No one will need to conscientiously object (should it become a draft).
5.The primary mission will be to compliment the regular military, reservists and others in border security and seaport and airport security.
6.There will be no obligation to join the regular military, but the time spent in this program would count as active duty toward a military enlistment should one choose to enlist.
7.One will receive pay and benefits similar to those in the military branches.
8. A participant will receive 4 college credit hours upon completion, as the program would largely consist of college equivalent courses or phases.
9. The program will create a domestic only reserve of trained millions of men and women, to be relied upon in times of disaster, emergency, insurgency or invasion.
10. A member of this force could extend his border/port service by 16 or 32 weeks if he is needed and if he is inclined.
11. Employers will need to honor this service as they do the military and reservists.
12. During subsequent times of unemployment, one having already served could return for 16 or 32 weeks until employment can be re-established.
13. Because of the value of this trained border/port service person, said person must register any permanent change of address.
14. Those in or having been in this service may be required from time-to-time to assist in disaster control or relief.
15. Eventually, this border/port security service could become a complete service unit in its own right, though initially it would be subservient to full military branches.
16. Instructors will be of the military branches or their reserve units.
17.Tests or performance evaluations will be administered at the end of each phase of instruction. One will not fail, even if one must stay an extra few weeks to pass.
18. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion.
19. The first 8 weeks of training may consist of 2 to 5 full days of the following phases:
1.Physical Fitness (one hour each day)
2. Self Defense
3. C.P.R. and First Aid
4. Military Bearing (rank, respect, salute, parade, march, flag, etc.)
5.Chain of Command (applies to military, government and industry)
6. Communications (2-way, C.B., cell phone, etc.)
7.Weapons Training (pistol & rifle, in class & at range)
8.Disaster Control (flood, fire, hurricane, quake, epidemic, etc.)
9. Personal Appearance & Hygine
10. Self & Team Discipline (synergy, respect, complete objectives, etc.)
11.Government (formation, structure, origin, law, etc.)
12.National & World Geography
13.Self Esteem & Confidence
20.The last 8 weeks would be spent in actual service.

It is incumbent upon us to close the borders - lock, stock and barrel, as the old-timers say. The time may soon be near as well that we will need every trained defender possible. In addition, we will always face tornados, hurricanes, floods, forest fires and earthquakes, not to mention epidemics.

I honestly feel that we will be developing proud and confident young citizens, who will have some choices. They will be better prepared for life and life's decisions and to be productive. They will be prepared for the inevitable, and Murphy's Law does state, "What can happen, will". These young, trained individuals will make our society stronger. They will be the ones who call 911 to report an incident, who rally to an old person's defense, who intercede in disputes, who stop to help at an accident site and who will run for elected office because they care.

There is a great deal of upside to a domestic only conscription or volunteer program of this sort and very little downside. As I stated earlier in Border/Port Security, time spent upon any other issue prior to the securing of our ports and borders will be superfluous and wasted. This is a proposed method of accomplishment, which is positive and will provide us all with a safe feeling.

I would involve military, economics, educational and health and safety experts in the development of this type of program. This sub-branch of the military will pay for itself a thousand times over. I am not stating that the above is yet in perfect form, but I want to prompt sincere consideration on your part as a citizen. Help is needed in order to accomplish our goal of slamming the border doors without depleting the ranks of our full-time military.

Thank you.

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