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Citizenship (Value of)

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Plain. Hard. Cold. Rigid. True. Real. Factual. Straight. Indisputable. Regretable. What is the value of your United States citizenship, if aliens can run, walk, crawl, jump, fly or float into YOUR country and gain or obtain the same rights and benefits that you rightfully enjoy?

Millions of men and women have settled this land and for hundreds of years sacrificed, some with their lives, to create a citizenship with special rights, liberties and freedoms for you and me. I personally cherish my rights, favors and lifestyle afforded me by the sacrifices of those before me. We need to continue the sacrifice if we want the benefits to be perpetuated. The sacrifice must never end. I harp again that "Nothing is free".

Please do not let the lack of verbiage devoted to this subject in any way lead you to think that it is not important. It truly is that, around which all else revolves. It is simply that the reasons for both the value and the infringement are more than adequately addressed under other issues in this site.

The United States - love her and abide by her laws and traditions or leave her. Thank you for your honor and respect for your citizenship. I will do all that I can to keep our valuable benefit in tact.

Keep in mind that, if you believe in me, support me and have an affinity to my solutions, you should also be prepared to consider independent, like-minded candidates for the offices of the U.S. Senate and House posts in 2008. It is time to upset ye ol' apple cart. Please closely examine my dissertation on the Two-Party Scourge issue. Therein lie some reasons (excuses) as to why the congress and the administration have done nothing and why you have not been in the picture. Congress has learned nothing from the administration because the administration has had nothing to teach, and vise versa. A classroom full of students is useless without a teacher, and a teacher alone in a classroom is useless without a class.

This congress and president could have gone down in history as the most productive, innovating and accomplished ever. The situations and conditions were quite right since the year 2000 for our elected leaders (?) to rise to the occasions. But ………!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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