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This issue is strongly akin to the foreign trade deficit. Any deficit creates an acute need to borrow. As you know well, even in your own budget, interest you must pay on your debt will eat you alive. This is what is happening to us as individuals and as parts of a very weak nation. I state emphatically that we must bring ourselves and our country out of debt as quickly as possible. There will be no abracadabra and "poof", it's gone. You certainly realize that as long as taxes are lower and spending is at an all-time high, this horrible and expensive debt will never be eliminated. The opposite must surely materialize if the chains of bondage are to be broken.

I will not promise that taxes will not rise, but I do promise that I will launch an all-out attack on waste, graft, theft, misuse, fraud, contract steering, featherbedding, nepotism, padding, ludicrous government personnel's benefits, pork and any unnecessary or frivolous expenditure, so as to minimize any tax increase. Folks, now not later must we place the need ahead of the want. I cannot overemphasize this point. I think that we are powerful in our interests but weak in our efforts.

We absolutely must force the federal government to limit its responsibility to that, which is required in the Constitution. The federal government is not designed to function or act as a bank. It consistently fumbles the dollar each time it gets its hands on one. Why cannot the federal government submit its proposed budget to the body of states for approval? Congress seems to automatically approve any budget increase requests from the administration, and the administration automatically approves congress' bills, without any veto regardless of said bill's merit. If 2/3 of the 50 states will approve the submission, then, let it stand. If a 2/3 majority does not approve the submitted budget, let the government go back to the drawing board. Hell, there simply must be some control of the spending. Why do you suppose there seems to be an item in the budgets of every level of government called, "Discretionary Funds"?

To me, discretionary means discriminatory. Why should tax-payers contribute to a discretionary fund and let the spending of said funds be left to the politicians? This, to me, is an illegal siphoning of tax dollars. A budget needs to itemize the amounts and the respective uses for the dollars requested. I repeat that the federal government is a poor bank. If it acquires funds, it WILL spend them. Revenue sharing is one sorry example of the government's taking funds from the states and then, arbitrarily distributing said funds as it sees fit. I say that the people and the states shall keep their own funds and give to Caesar ONLY that, which Caesar NEEDS to operate the realm - key word being, "needs". Caesar's wants do not concern us!

Math does not lie, ladies and gentlemen. This republic is being flushed by the career politicians. They seem to have little or no interest in resolving the many problems of major proportion. For example, when is the last time anyone addressed Social Security? When last has anyone talked about the environment? When did you last hear anything about the budget, other than the recent increase in "approved spending"? We have only quasi-leaders, who react merely to the hot topic of the day. When is the last time an issue was actually completely addressed and taken off the priority list? Every issue seems to be nothing but a salad to congress, being eternally tossed but never eaten.

There is plenty of power out there, but we, you and I, must wrestle it away from those, who broker it but never employ it meaningfully. This country is weaker than you may realize. I honestly believe that the elections of 2008 will be your last opportunity to have an impact on our sorry situation. You may choose to believe that the economy is great, that gasoline prices are acceptable, that a horrendous trade deficit is a right thing, that the environment is safe, that 20 to 30 million illegal aliens are good and necessary for our society, that government employees deserve more compensation than others, that trillions of dollars of debt is O.K., that the United Nations is our friend, that 40 million uninsured U.S. citizens make no difference, that social security will heal itself, that borders are secure enough and that the Constitution is just another document. If so, my campaign will have been in vain.

I will be in favor of virtually any program that enhances the stead of the United States and her people, including a One Tax program, which is addressed separately. I do not wish to see our country dissolve or be absorbed by another country, but to avoid these possibilities, we must learn from the various dissolutions of past empires. Thomas, George, Ben, John and James must be flipping in their graves. Surely, they could not have imagined our country in such disarray. Take a stand now. Speak your piece now. My sole purpose in presenting myself as a candidate for the presidency is to afford you a vehicle to express your dissatisfaction, to have a voice in making change and to increase the value of U.S. citizenship. Keep an eye on the survey section of this site.

A balanced federal budget is large in the scheme of strengthening our country. Article I, Section 9 of our Constitution states, "No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money, shall be published from time to time". When is the last time that you saw any type of accounting from the congress or the administration? I have listened to and spoken to others for many years regarding my own dissatisfaction with our state of affairs. I have found that no individual by himself can do anything about our problems. So, I have finally decided to do something about the situation myself, but I cannot envision being able to have a total impact without your allegiance to the same goals. In 2008, we have a chance to show the stick-in-the-muds how to conduct and administer a superior form of constitutional government. Though I may not promise a zero-balance (no deficit) budget by 2012, I do promise to balance it year by year, so as not to create an even greater deficit. Then, if we work together, we may begin to eat the elephant called "deficit". I repeat that the piper must always and eventually be paid. As you well know, the citizen-taxpayers are always the ones to square accounts with the piper.

I reiterate that I do not wish to be a citizen of the Chinese States of America, which is where we are headed if we do not curb, then, reduce the deficit. Don your hat of free and independent thinking and join me. Remember, you may lead the congressional horse to the stream (of issues), but you cannot make it drink. Can we convince congress to think independently too and to place partisan politics aside? If not, let us give a new meaning to the term, "House-cleaning" (and the senate).

Thank you very much.

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