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Without law, there can be no order, but law alone does not guarantee order. There must be enforcement of the law to assure order. The ultimate manifestation of anarchy and chaos will be the result of ignorance of law, enforcement and order. Do you realize that slamming the doors of our borders, including seaports and airports, is prerequisite to the resolutions of all other issues. In slamming the door, all who are outside of our borders will remain outside until admission requirements are completely re-established. All who reside in our country illegally will remain inside until properly and effectively identified and documented, after which arrangements will be made to return illegal aliens to the country of their original citizenship. U.S. citizens must demand this!

NOTE: Please see Immigration.

The purpose of my border/port control program is twofold. First and foremost my program seeks to secure and protect the rights, liberties, health, safety and entitlements of American citizens. Secondly, my program will virtually (no plan ever functions 100 %) eliminate the trespass of our borders by illegal arms and ammunition, criminals, illegal drugs, dangerous biological and chemical agents, alien terrorists, diseases of humans, plants and animals, slaves and persons, who are the subjects of the sex trade. We must concentrate on retaining and maintaining the fine and rich elements within and preventing and rejecting the vile and hideous elements from without.

NOTE: Domestic terrorists are treated under Crime and Punishment (Treason).

ABC Television announced that there may be as many as 30 million illegal aliens in our country (12 ½ % of total population), about one half of which are Mexicans. The pitiful bottom line is that no one really knows how many illegal residents are in the U.S. much less what percentage may be Mexican, German, Nigerian, Korean, Bolivian or Indian.

Our Constitution basically provides in Article I, Section 8 for a Department of Defense (not Offense). I firmly believe that other countries must assume more of the burden of defending themselves. Though I do not feel that there should be a complete abandonment of our friends and allies, I believe that those relationships should be redefined and solidified. I do not see how we can be a strong ally to any other country until we become strong and faithful unto our own cause. I do not and will not apologize ever for finding the interests of American citizens FIRST.

I propose for your consideration a plan to defend and secure your interests, which is broad in scope and large in detail. For the most-part, the plan utilizes existing resources. It is a matter of redistribution of these resources. I am firmly convinced that intelligent use and deployment of our armed forces and national-guard will to a great degree slam the border door, perhaps 65% to 75% tight. I would supplement this coverage in two ways. Firstly, through attrition and cross-training of personnel in other departments of government, I would reassign many thousands of personnel to border/port security positions. There will be many posts created regarding communications, surveillance, data processing and supervision, to name some, which must be filled by professionals.

Secondly, I would also supplement the armed forces, national-guard and cross-trainees by creating a separate but subservient service branch, responsibility of which would be strictly border/port security (see Conscription). I believe that first consideration should be given to this new service branch as a volunteer organization. I am convinced that tens of thousands of our youngsters would volunteer for this service, especially those who are normally rejected by the regular military for being too tall, too short, too thin, too heavy or for having some small handicap or deficiency. If this proposed new service branch is designed to be wholesome, instructional, educational, beneficial and rewarding, I feel that it will attract a high level of interest.

I would deploy the air force in the following manner. One armed aircraft would depart every 30 minutes from Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego, Houston and Miami in a counter-clockwise manner 7 days/24 hours. This would require 288 flights per day and guarantee that at least 3 aircraft would be airborne between any city-pair in order at any given time. Many more flights than this are flown every day with no specific purpose other than training and certification. The air force would also have a share of the duty to patrol Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

I would deploy our navy in the following manner. One naval fleet of full composition, including an aircraft carrier and submarines would be assigned to our North Atlantic coast. The second full fleet would be assigned off the East coast of Florida. The third full fleet would be assigned in the Gulf of Mexico. The fourth full fleet would be assigned off the Washington/Oregon coast. The fifth full fleet would be assigned off the Southern California coast. The sixth full fleet would be assigned to the Alaska coast. The seventh full fleet would be assigned to protect Hawaii. With vessels and aircraft patrolling the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf, we will be as secure as possible with early warning and response as effective as it can be.

I would deploy our coast-guard in the following manner. Units of special composition would be responsible for patrol of our major seaports. Units of special design would handle the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Other specially equipped units would protect the major river systems with emphasis on our dams.

I would deploy our army to a degree along the land border with Canada.

I would deploy our marines to a degree along the border with Mexico.

Our country is huge. Our border is lengthy. Our ports are many. Our security needs are daunting. The above program is merely a sample of what may be done with a relatively small increase in cost. There is really no big secret here. We must more wisely employ our current resources and prudently supplement them. You and I did not create a border/port security debacle, but we must eliminate it. Previous administrations and congresses should be ashamed for permitting this utter weakness in defense and security due to nonchalance, ineptitude and inaction.

This type of program of defense and security will yield the premier system of early detection, warning and response in the world. We must send a message to all that no form of evil or ill-will will be permitted to enter our precious confines. We have many master-minds among us, who will take this basic defense/security program to the near-perfect limits in terms of cost and benefit.

I am in favor of a prison type of double barrier to assist our defenders of land borders. A first, outer and see-through cyclone fence of six feet height with warning signs attached to the outer side can be easily be transported and installed with barbed wire at the top. A second barrier, placed perhaps 30 to 40 yards inside the fence, can be made of reinforced concrete, pre-fabricated and hauled to the site. This inner barrier will be 5 feet in height with gun ports and serve to protect patrollers from small arms fire. This concrete wall will require no installation so to speak and have the top surfaces color-coded for ease of advising ground personnel of locations from the air. It can be made in 30 to 40 feet long sections, which are laid end to end. Now, I am convinced that with ground personnel, barriers, electronic surveillance, motion detectors, armed patrol vehicles, a high level of communication, helicopters and regular flights by the predator (unmanned aircraft), our land borders will be as thoroughly protected as possible. If 5,000 illegal aliens now enter every day and this number is reduced to just 500 per day, is 90% effectiveness good enough? If we reduce the influx of illegal drugs, arms, criminals, etc. by 95%, is that good enough?

NOTE: The zone between the two barriers will be considered no-mans-land. He who does cross over, dig under or cut through the outer barrier will be highly visible in so doing, and having been warned by the signage on the outer fence, he would know that he was in the zone. The rule governing the zone would be to fire a warning shot, then, to employ tear gas, nets, rubber bullets and tazers. The last resort would be to shoot to wound or harm but NOT kill. Once would-be illegal crossers realize that their chances are nearly zero, the tide will be stemmed.

All servicemen, reservists, border patrol recruits, other security personnel or citizens, who disobey the law by permitting, promoting, encouraging, aiding, abetting or covering up illegal entry, will go to jail, where for the next 10 to 20 years, they shall harvest lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries, cucumbers, etc.

My point in this exercise is to cause you to ponder the magnitude of the situation and scope of any and all possible solutions. What price may be placed on security? Our Constitution remarks, in Article I, Section 8 that our government shall provide for a militia to execute laws, suppress insurrections and repel invasions. The polls seemingly say that somewhere between 60% and 80% of those polled favor tightly controlled borders. I do not understand why that figure is not 100%.

Under other headings, I will address the subjects of Immigration, Conscription and other issues related to or in consequence of this border/port issue.

Thank you very much.

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