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Hulshof Statement on Farm Bill


Location: Washington, DC


Congressman Hulshof's statement on the passage of the Farm Bill in the U.S. House.

The following is a statement from U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof regarding passage of the Farm Bill in the U.S. House:

"Sometimes good things are accomplished in Washington despite the best efforts of competing forces to foul it up.

"Such is the case with the compromise presented in the Farm Bill. It is by no means a perfect bill, but it is a strong piece of legislation that will provide the necessary safety net our nation's farmers need.

"Unfortunately, these competing factions seem more interested in political fights than sound policy. On one side, the Bush administration fails to recognize the successes of the last Farm Bill that have saved taxpayers more than $20 billion. The claim that a family farmer is going to somehow get rich because of this bill illustrates a clear misunderstanding of the challenges facing modern-day farmers.

"On the other side, liberal leaders in the House have tacked on unfortunate and unnecessary tax provisions. The Farm Bill is no place for misguided tax policy and I do not support these specific provisions. However, this legislation is too important to my constituents to delay further because of the endless politicking preferred by some.

"This bill is good for farmers and even better for consumers. It increases nutrition funding, helping to ensure that all Americans have access to nourishing foods. In addition, this bill increases conservation opportunities for farmers ensuring that they will have the resources to care for our most important natural resources.

"The Farm Bill, as passed by the House today, is sound legislation that should become the law of the land."

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