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Mica Briefs Presidential Advisers on Need for National Strategic Transportation Plan

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. John L. Mica (R-FL), House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Republican Leader, met today with Presidential advisors to encourage the Administration to adopt a national strategic transportation and infrastructure plan.

The meeting had been planned prior to the tragic collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minnesota.

Mica met with President Bush several weeks ago to discuss his concerns about the lack of a national strategy and the need to address our nation's inadequate and aging transportation infrastructure. Mica met with Bush advisors to advance development of a full integrated plan that includes our highways, transit, waterways, maritime, aviation, and rail transportation systems.

"The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that a $1.6 trillion investment over five years is needed to address the infrastructure needs of this nation.

"Nearly every community suffers from dated infrastructure and congested highways. Our airports are plagued by delays. The U.S. has fallen behind other nations with the lack of a single true high-speed rail system. It is critical that we develop a master plan to most effectively address the pressing issues we face. Not since President Eisenhower envisioned and initiated the Interstate System have we taken a serious look at building a comprehensive transportation system.

"After yesterday's tragic bridge collapse, I pledge my support to helping Minnesota rebuild their infrastructure. However, rebuilding the I-35 bridge is only a band-aid to a much more serious problem facing the nation's communities."

Mica will preview his proposal at a Wednesday, August 8th keynote luncheon at the Texas Transportation Summit in Dallas, Texas.

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