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Three Steps the Federal Government Can Take Right Now To Go Green


Location: Andover, MA

Today State Representative and Congressional candidate Barry Finegold called on the federal government to take three steps right now to go green.

1) Replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs
2) Use hybrid vehicles for 10% of the federal fleet of cars
3) Employ the use of green cleaning supplies in all federal buildings

"There are things we can do right now, not only in our private homes, but throughout our federal government, to fight the effects of global warming," said Finegold. "These three action items will not only reduce the federal government's carbon footprint, but set an example for all citizens to follow as this movement continues to gain strength."

Incandescent light bulbs - the standard type we have used for years - only turn about 5% of the energy going into them into light. The remainder turns into heat. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs not only use far less energy, but they produce less heat, reducing cooling costs, and they last longer. In the long run, this saves money for users.

Second, hybrid cars are available for use right now and by replacing 10% of its auto fleet with hybrids, the federal government can reduce its use of fossil fuels and its carbon footprint, again serving as a model for us all. Finally, standard cleaning supplies are filled with toxic chemicals and solvents that often make their way into our water supplies. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products cuts down on that risk. Also, they are phosphate-free and their packaging is biodegradable.

"It's all about each of us doing what we can, from recycling in our homes to using cloth grocery bags to installing solar panels on our roofs," said Finegold. "By working together, and with our federal government leading the charge, we can make great gains."

Barry recently called for a $100 billion plan to push the federal government go green, in an attempt to jumpstart the hydrogen and alternative energy markets and have our government serve as a model for the private sector. Additionally, he has been a leader on Beacon Hill for alternative energies, developing the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Roadmap and founding the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition.

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