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Barrow Votes to Strengthen PeachCare; Reauthorizes the State Children's Health Insurance Program

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

12th District Georgia Congressman John Barrow (D-Savannah) today voted to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program, the federal program that funds Georgia's PeachCare Program, for an additional 5 years. Shortly after the vote, Congressman Barrow issued the following statement:

"In about 60 days, the State Children's Health Insurance program will expire. If that happens, every Georgia child enrolled in PeachCare, along with children in similar programs across the country, would lose their healthcare. Today, the House of Representatives did its job to stop that from happening. I hope the Senate will follow our lead, and the President will sign this bill into law. We can't afford to drag our feet."

"This bill gives our states the support they need to continue providing healthcare coverage to 6 million American children. But it also gives those states the resources they need to cover an additional 5 million uninsured children who are just as eligible as those already covered, but not yet covered."

"Contrary to the critics, the bill does not allow illegal immigrants to get any benefits at all. In fact, the bill specifically states, ‘nothing in this act allows federal payment for individuals who are not legal residents.'

The Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act of 2007 (H.R. 3162) passed the House by a vote of 225 -204.

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