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Executive Session

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

EXECUTIVE SESSION -- (Senate - August 03, 2007)


Mr. COBURN. Mr. President, I am proud to support the nomination of Timothy DeGuisti to be a Federal judge in the Western District of Oklahoma.

Timothy brings impeccable credentials to the table and a solid respect for the rule of law.

Timothy appreciates and understands that a Federal judge's role is not to write the law from the bench but to apply the law as Congress and the President set out.

At his hearing he said it's important for judges to not wish they were legislators when deciding a statute.

At his hearing, Timothy also talked about the importance of judicial integrity and the need for judges to act fairly in court so as to not erode public confidence in the rule of law which is the bedrock of American law.

Timothy brings a unique perspective to the bench as a veteran military lawyer. His expertise in military and intelligence issues will be especially need in this ongoing war on terror.

There is support of his nomination from prominent Democrats in the State, including former U.S. Senator David Boren, current Democratic Governor Brad Henry, former Democratic Attorney General Mike Turpen, and former Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Stratton Taylor.

Mr. President, again, this is a gentleman of extreme experience, intellectual honesty, and absolute character. I am proud that he will be making decisions on the Federal bench in the Western District of Oklahoma.

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