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FOX "Fox And Friends"-Transcript


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FOX "Fox And Friends"-Transcript

MS. CARLSON: Yeah. Joining us now to talk about it is Congressman Peter King, ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Good morning to you, Congressman.

REP. KING: Good morning, Gretchen. How are you?

Hi, Brian.


MS. CARLSON: We're doing very well.

So in the post-9/11 world, we've all been told, "Hey, speak up when you see something suspicious." A lot of these people did that on that plane with the imams, and now people could get in trouble for doing that.

REP. KING: This is absolutely disgraceful. You know, the one thing we learned after September 11th was if you see something, say something. We need the eyes and ears of millions of Americans to help the FBI and to help the police. And those people on US airlines flight did exactly the right thing, and now they're being sued.

And I had an amendment pass the House of Representatives which would give immunity to anyone who in good faith honestly reports suspicious terrorist activity. And now, unfortunately, as the bill is about to come to a final vote, Democrats in the House and the Senate -- primarily the House -- are trying to take it out of the homeland security bill. And that could be done as early as today. So this is really a -- literally a life-and-death situation.

MR. KILMEADE: See, I don't understand. What's the rub here, Congressman? You can get -- I mean, you could be in trouble politically for -- let alone rationally -- for stopping a bill like this here in the middle of the war on terror.

REP. KING: What's happening, Brian, as best I can understand it, is that the hard-core liberal wing, the, the CAIR wing of the Democratic Party is just putting extraordinary pressure on the House Democrats. And they don't want this to see the light of day.

Why? Because somehow they look upon this as some right-wing issue or as too conservative, and yet I'm willing to bet 90 percent of the American people would agree with this. But that left wing is so hard-core that they just don't want to see this go through.

And so I would ask all Americans today, call Nancy Pelosi. She's the one who will have the final say on this. This is absolutely essential. This would have such a chilling impact on law enforcement if we wouldn't give immunity to good public-spirited citizens who report suspicious terrorist activity.

MS. CARLSON: Yeah. It's kind of crazy on its face, Congressman Peter King, but we're going to have to see what happens on Capitol Hill.

REP. KING: Okay.

MS. CARLSON: Thanks for joining us this morning.

REP. KING: Gretchen, thank you.

MR. KILMEADE: Yeah. They say it could be racial or religious profiling in the end. I don't think by reporting something that's out there -- so -- you can't tell people to sit on their hands because they don't want to get in legal trouble.

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