Senate Clears Wounded Warriors Bill, Military Pay Raise

Press Release

By:  Mitch McConnell
Date: July 25, 2007
Location: Washington, DC

Veterans, troop benefits delayed last week passed unanimously Wednesday

At the request of U. S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate on Wednesday passed a pay increase for America's military men and women. The increase was passed in conjunction with additional programs for medical care for returning troops, known as the Wounded Warrior Bill. The pay raise and defense health care legislation were delayed last week when Sen. Reid pulled the Defense Authorization Bill from the floor.

"When the Majority Leader unexpectedly pulled the Defense Authorization Bill from the floor last week, Wounded Warriors legislation wasn't the only thing we lost," McConnell said. "Also contained in the authorization bill was a provision that allows for a military pay raise of 3.6 percent, an increase above the budget request. By passing this legislation today we will help ensure that there will be no delay in sending this pay raise to our troops."

McConnell urged Reid to call up and pass the pay increase in addition to the Wounded Warriors legislation. Both passed by unanimous consent.

"Our troops deserve this raise. And the Senate has spoken with one voice in guaranteeing it for them today," McConnell said. "Just as treating our Wounded Warriors is of urgent importance, so is passing this pay raise before the Senate moves on to the Defense appropriations bill."

Both bills will now be reconciled with House legislation before being sent to the President for his signature.

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