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Sioux City Journal - Romney Preaches Military Might

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Sioux City Journal - Romney Preaches Military Might

By: Tim Gallagher

"Mitt Romney stood on an old wire chair Friday morning, delivering remarks to nearly 100 who gathered to hear him out at the Ida Grove Pharmacy & Soda Fountain.

"His position atop the chair was a metaphor for his place among GOP Presidential hopefuls in Iowa: Perched at the top; rarely off-balance.

"'I was undecided about who I was for before I came in here today," said Republican Gene Triplett of nearby Battle Creek. 'But Romney has sold me. I liked Tancredo and Brownback, but this guy impresses me.'

"Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has been at or near the top of polls surveying the GOP field whose 10 members jockey for position prior to the Jan. 14, 2008 Iowa Caucuses. The 60-year-old candidate stormed through Northwest Iowa Friday, shaking hands and speaking to at least 600 who gathered at five venues from Denison to the Iowa Great Lakes.

"Along the way, he positioned himself as a conservative who believes in military might, lower taxes and a family foundation to our society. He derided Democratic contenders John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, saying, 'all three I believe would take us on a sharp turn left.'

"He connected Clinton to a Karl Marx ideology and said, 'I don't think her platform would get her elected in France, let alone the United States.'"


"As president, Romney promised to add 100,000 active military personnel while increasing defense spending to $30 to $40 billion annually. He said soldiers such as Mahlberg's children must have sufficient equipment abroad and first-rate care when they come home.

"'Strength is the best deterrent against terror,' he said. 'Ronald Reagan made us stronger. And in doing so he made us safer.'"


"He also earned an enthusiastic reaction in Denison when he detailed a plan to halt illegal immigration. Romney wants to secure the border while requiring every worker to show employment verification before they start work.

"Finally, he said he'd tell immigrants here illegally to get back in the line. There will be no preferential treatment of any kinds for illegal immigrants, he said.

"'Amnesty didn't work before, it won't work now,' he concluded.

"Romney also touched on family issues, hailing his wife of 38 years, Ann, and his five sons and their wives. Son Josh and his wife and three children are currently touring Iowa's 99 counties to campaign for Dad. Romney believes America needs stronger families for a brighter future.

"'We can achieve this by teaching kids that marriage comes before babies,' he said."...

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