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Issue Position: Retirement Security Plan

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Retirement Security Plan

* Protect Social Security from Privatization. Chris Dodd will never put Social Security, the cornerstone of many Americans' retirement plans, at risk by subjecting it to the fluctuating and volatile financial markets.

* Safeguard Pension Plans from Corporate Raiding. Chris Dodd will enhance federal oversight of pensions. Employees should never have to forfeit their retirement security to pay for the mistakes of their employers.

* Require Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices with Pharmaceutical Companies. Chris Dodd will ensure that Medicare harnesses the enormous purchasing power of the millions of seniors enrolled in the Part D Prescription Drug Benefit to bargain for lower drug prices.

* Eliminate the So-Called "Doughnut Hole" in Medicare Coverage. Chris Dodd will protect seniors from any coverage gaps to alleviate the financial hardship of having to pay 100 percent of their medical bills at any point.

* Expand Support for Long-Term and Elder Care. Chris Dodd will provide incentives and support for Americans who care for their elderly relatives. He will also require insurance companies cover eligible long-term care recipients.

* Strengthen Home Energy Assistance. Chris Dodd will fully support
programs like LIHEAP - that provides critically needed energy assistance - so that seniors never have to choose between heating their homes and paying for their food or medical bills.

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