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Issue Position: Economic Opportunity Plan

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Economic Opportunity Plan

* Restore Workers' Freedom to Form Unions. Chris Dodd believes the freedom to form a union is one of our most fundamental rights. He will use the power of the presidency to ensure that the right to organize is upheld and to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

* Enhance the Family Medical Leave Act to Include Paid Leave. Chris Dodd knows that far too many workers who need the protections of the FMLA cannot afford to take the time off. He will guarantee at least six weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, an elderly parent or sick family member, or one's own serious illness.

* Increase Child Care and Elder Care Assistance. Chris Dodd will help working parents balance their commitments to work and family by making child care programs more affordable and flexible. He will also increase assistance to working Americans who care for their elderly relatives.

* Safeguard Pension Plans from Corporate Raiding and Protect Overtime Pay. Chris Dodd will enhance federal oversight of pensions. Employees should never have to forfeit their retirement security to pay for corporations' mistakes. Chris Dodd will also fight to guarantee workers are always compensated time-and-a-half for overtime work and prevent employers from avoiding their obligations through unfair pay period calculations.

* Create Jobs and Bolster Training Programs in Conjunction with Implementing a Comprehensive Energy Policy. Chris Dodd will create a technical education curriculum that trains a new generation of automobile mechanics, electricians and construction workers to maintain energy-efficient goods, from cars to homes. His energy plan will create jobs at every stage, from production to maintenance.

* Make Workplaces Safer: Chris Dodd will promote efforts to enhance safety in the workplace that all businesses can understand and comply with. He will also protect workers who have been injured on the job from unfair retaliation or loss of benefits of any kind.

* Enforce Trade Laws at Home and Abroad. Chris Dodd will insist that every trade agreement America enters into is fair, by ensuring that workers in those countries are guaranteed fair wages, fair working conditions, and strong environmental protections. Above all, Dodd will insist U.S. trading partners open their markets to American products.

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