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Issue Position: Foreign Policy Plan

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Foreign Policy Plan

* Strengthen our Alliances. As President, Chris Dodd will work to restore our alliances, rebuild international institutions to better fight the war against terrorism, and enhance America's security while upholding our common values.

* Diplomacy, Not More Troops in Iraq. Chris Dodd is strongly opposed to the Bush-Cheney troop surge strategy. As President, he will advance a surge of diplomacy in the region, not a surge of more troops.

* End the War in Iraq Decisively. Chris Dodd understands that ending the war in Iraq makes America safer. He strongly supports the Feingold-Reid proposal - the only responsible measure in Congress that sets a timetable to end the war in Iraq by March 31, 2008 - and he has urged all the candidates in the presidential race to join him. It is time to stand up to the President's misguided Iraq policy.

* Hold America's Allies Accountable. As President, Chris Dodd would engage key strategic countries, nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia, and call on them to support freedom and democracy in their own countries and to eliminate the conditions that export terrorism and allow our enemies to thrive.

* Enhance and Export Energy Technology to Free America and the World From Reliance On Oil. Chris Dodd believes we need to invest in renewable energy technology that will allow America to achieve energy independence. As President, he would share that technology with our allies to end their alliances of necessity with dictators from oil-producing nations like Venezuela and Iran.

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