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Statement on Prescription Drug Costs For Military Families

Location: Unknown

January 02, 2004

For Immediate Release

"Just last month, George Bush signed a big giveaway prescription drug plan that lavished billions of dollars on pharmaceutical companies and HMOs and left our seniors high and dry. Now, as if it's not enough to shortchange our seniors, George Bush is cutting drug benefits for the men and women in uniform who served our country and even risked their lives in defense of our freedoms. George Bush wants to double the copayments for prescriptions for our military retirees, so that he can have additional funds for wealthy tax cuts or irresponsible policies that leave Americans no better off.

"I can't wait to stand up when Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush question the patriotism of Democrats, I'm going to remind them that the real definition of patriotism begins with keeping faith with those who wear the uniform of our country.

"When I'm President, I will keep my word with those that defend our nation. I will fight to make prescription drugs more affordable - by negotiating lower prices and canceling giveaways to pharmaceutical companies and HMOs and using the money to make prescriptions even more affordable.

"It's bad enough that Halliburton gets big contracts in Iraq while soldiers go without body armor. Here at home prescription drug companies get windfall profits while military retirees are told to pay more for prescription drugs. That is wrong and we must stop it."

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