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Honoring United Parcel Service

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

HONORING UNITED PARCEL SERVICE -- (House of Representatives - July 16, 2007)


Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Madam Speaker, I rise in strong support of House Resolution 375, which honors the United Parcel Service, UPS, and its 100 years of commitment and leadership in the United States. Of the 425,000 jobs that UPS provides to hard-working people across the globe, 16,000 of them are in my home State of New Jersey. Included in that number are the employees that work at the Ramapo Ridge Data Center in Mahwah, NJ, in my District, one of two data centers supporting UPS worldwide computer operations.

UPS has made it a priority to integrate itself into the local community and has been a magnet for jobs in a variety of positions; from the high-tech workers at the Mahwah Data Center to the uniformed delivery people we meet on a daily basis in offices across the country. UPS continues to actively recruit from the local colleges and universities in my district, with internship and co-op opportunities for students who are studying Computer Science, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, and Mathematics.

UPS has also been recognized for its commitment to diversity. Twenty-nine percent of UPS's IT population is female, far higher than the IT population as a whole. In 2006, UPS was recognized as one of America's most supportive companies of both black and Hispanic engineering students by two independent surveys. Truly this is a company that has made a commitment to reach out to populations traditionally underrepresented in high-tech fields, and has continued to excel while doing so.

With more and more American jobs being created in the services industry, it is companies such as UPS that serve as a great example of how U.S. businesses are adapting to our changing economy. When the American Messenger Company acquired its first delivery car, a Ford Model T, in 1913, perhaps the founders could have envisioned the nearly 100,000 cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles that today comprise the delivery fleet of UPS. But surely they could not have envisioned the 14.5 million page views that averages per day or the nearly 5,500 technology employees currently employed by UPS. As companies continue to adapt to the changing global economy, it is entirely appropriate that this House of Representatives recognize one such company that has not only adapted, but also stayed ahead of the curve for 100 years, while at the same time staying true to its original mission of delivering parcels from one to another.


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