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Thompson Announces Bus Tour with Over 100 Stops

Press Release

Location: Des Moines, IA

Thompson Announces Bus Tour with Over 100 Stops

Appearing on Iowa Public Television's Iowa Press, Governor Tommy Thompson announced a key component in his strategy for victory in the August 11th Straw Poll in Ames, IA.

"We are about to launch our bus tour across Iowa. I'm calling it my ‘Common Sense Solutions Tour.' It will begin in Ames and end in Ames, just before the August 11th Straw Poll. I will be making over 100 campaign stops and I am very excited about this bus tour! By the end of the tour I will have been in every county in Iowa. You know, the recent polls show that Iowans are looking for a candidate with commonsense solutions. That's what I'm bringing, I've spent a lifetime identifying problems, forming solutions and getting things done."

With over 100 stops, Governor Thompson will be taking his ideas directly to the people of Iowa -- all of Iowa. The tour will complete Governor Thompson's promise to visit all 99 counties in Iowa before the August 11th Straw Poll.

"The Iowa tour has been part of our strategy from the very beginning, and we are very excited to get started. The ‘Common Sense Solutions Tour' is the culmination of the campaign's efforts to introduce Governor Thompson and his campaign of ideas to Iowa. And in stark contrast to some other candidates, the tour is further proof of his commitment to Iowans. The first leg of the tour will have nearly 50 campaign stops alone," remarked Chad Olsen, the campaign manager. "We are putting the finishing touches on our Iowa-made Winnebago, filling it up with ethanol, and preparing for a great 6 weeks of campaigning face-to-face with Iowans from Rock Rapids to Keokuk, and everywhere in between!"

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