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Issue Position: Comprehensive Government Reform

Issue Position

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Americans are ready for a government that puts competency ahead of cronyism.

Government certainly isn't the answer to all our problems. But good government -- smart government -- can be a partner for progress. It can help solve problems and accomplish things together we could never accomplish alone.

We all know that in order to meet the challenges of our day -- to lift up our middle class and hard working families; to establish universal health care, energy independence, and fiscal responsibility; to end the war in Iraq and restore our leadership around the world -- we need a government that will rise to the occasion.

This isn't about big government or small government, it's about smart government. We need a return to transparency and a system of checks and balances, to a president who respects Congress's role of oversight and accountability. We need a 21st century government to meet our 21st century challenges

Ready to Lead

Hillary has proposed a comprehensive, 10-point plan to restore Americans' confidence in their government by increasing transparency and cutting waste and corruption. Her plan includes:

* Banning Cabinet officials from lobbying a Hillary Clinton administration.
* Strengthening whistleblower protections.
* Creating a public service academy.
* Ending abuse of no-bid government contracts and posting all contracts online.
* Cutting 500,000 government contractors.
* Restoring the Office of Technology Assessment.
* Publishing budgets for every government agency.
* Implementing Results America Initiative to track government effectiveness.
* Tracking and eliminating corporate welfare.
* Expanding voting access and safeguarding voting machines.

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