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Jonathon's Comments about Dog the Bounty Hunter

Location: Unknown

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

As many of you know, I have all intentions on becoming the next
President of this great Nation. Unlike King George "Worthless"
Bush, I will not coward to terrorists, nor to foreign leaders.
Terrorists, criminals and world leaders will fear me, and once
again respect this Nation, as the greatest Nation in the history of

I will never allow an innocent American to be harmed, or killed by
any terrorist throughout the world. Nor will I allow any country
to wrongly imprison an innocent American. Especially when that
American was making the world safer by capturing a lowlife
convicted rapist.

Duane "The Dog" Chapman went into Mexico to capture convicted
rapist Andrew Luster. "Dog" did this, when no one would or could
capture this menace to the civilized world.

Now Mexico wants to imprison "The Dog." And it seems that an idiot
communist American judge will order "Dog" to be extradited to

Listen up Mexico. If you take an American Hero like "Dog" and place
him in one of your nightmare, inhumane prisons, immediate after I
become President on 20 Jan 09 I will order an US Bomber to fly over
Mexico City, and drop a few Hades' Bombs on selected targets.
While Mexico City is dealing with the aftermath of the bombing, I
will have the US Army rescue "Dog" from the rat hole prison he is
in, and bring him back home to America.

Additionally, I will have my special elite group of military trained
soldiers, capture Mexico's President, and bring him to The White
House. I will torture him, and then Impale him for the entire world to
see, what the consequents are if you wrongly imprison an American.

Please check out: and help
however you can. Also, please write your Congressman along with
Senators, and demand they protect "Dog" from being extradited to

An American President shouldn't be a spineless puppet. He should be
willing to fight and defend each American from injustices. Bush is
such a spineless puppet, and as a result innocent Americans are
suffering each and everyday.

The time for change is now at hand. Starting in 2009, I promise you
all, no innocent American will have to live in fear.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey

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