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Blood is Thicker Than Oil

Location: Unknown

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

You have all heard the saying; "blood is thicker than water."
Well, I feel American Blood is thicker and better than OIL!

However, King George "Worthless" Bush and his cronies seem to
not agree with me. The salary of the President is about $400,000
a year. He made over $10.5 million last year (2005).

Where did he made the extra money? His oil stock for sure!

This Holiday Season, there are American families mourning the
lost of their loved ones. What has King George lost? Nothing! No
one in the bush family has to worry about being killed in combat,
in an effort to protect oil.

Why are we forcing this Country's (or better yet the President's)
beliefs on people of another country?

Muslims and Islamic people have been fighting for centuries.
Who are we to walk into their country and escalate their hatred
of us?

I am a Satanic Sanguinary Vampyre and Hecate Witch. I will never
try to shove my God and Goddess upon anyone. Yet, Bush is
shoving his beliefs not only on Americans, but the world.

This is the time of year for everyone to celebrate and be happy
with our loved ones. However, because of our King George,
there are many who are suffering the lost of a loved one.

American blood is not only thicker than oil, but more precious as

Happy Holidays to all!

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