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Vitter Fights Immigration Mega-Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Fights Immigration Mega-Amendment

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today issued the following statement in response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attempts to silence debate on immigration.

"I am amazed at the process that is taking place on the floor of the U.S. Senate right now. We've been told by the master crafters of this bill that it is a delicate compromise and nothing can be allowed to upset it. For that reason, my amendments and the amendments of others are being blocked.

"Yesterday Majority Leader Reid introduced a brand new mega-amendment, and now we are dealing with another brand new mega-amendment without having sufficient time for reviewing it before being forced to debate and vote on it.

"The American people have said loud and clear that this is an incredibly important issue to them. For the Senate to move ahead anyway using this process, railroading me and other critics of the bill and blocking our rights as senators to represent our constituents, is disgraceful," said Vitter.

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