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Smith Praises President's Veto of Life-Destroying Embryonic Stem Cell Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Smith Praises President's Veto of Life-Destroying Embryonic Stem Cell Bill

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04), co-chairman of the Bipartisan Pro-Life Caucus, today issued the following statement praising President George W. Bush for vetoing S. 5, a bill to allow federal funding for embryo-destroying stem cell research and for expanding the federal government's commitment to effective, ethical stem cell research:

"Today, President Bush has proved once again that he understands something that Speaker Pelosi and her allies cannot seem to comprehend—the future of stem cell research is in ethical stem cell research, not life-destroying research."

"I praise President Bush for both vetoing this misguided bill and for expanding the federal commitment to pluripotent stem cell research that does not compromise human dignity."

"While embryonic stem cell research has yet to result in a single cure, one breakthrough after another have been made through research and therapies using adult stem cells. The President understands that it is here where the hope is, not in destroying embryos so as to derive their stem cells."

"The House will again uphold the President's veto. It is my hope that this time, Speaker Pelosi and her allies understand that unsuccessful embryo-destroying research is not the only option before us. Stem Cell research options that are ethical, that are already yielding successful medical therapies and that are showing promise for treating many additional diseases and conditions are the types of research where our resources should be invested."

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