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Remarks to AFL-CIO/Teamsters Rally

Location: Washington, DC

Remarks to AFL-CIO/Teamsters Rally

Hey, folks.

The president said we have a voice. We have no choice. Let's get something straight: These guys have declared war not only in Iraq, they declared war on labor's house, they declared war the day they came in. It's about time we just said enough is enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, they're standing 10 deep in this administration. They never take their eye off the ball. They know the only thing between the middle class and them is you. There is -- would be no middle class without you. Middle class rises or falls based upon the union movement.

And, ladies and gentlemen, this is a time where we not only can stop the slide, but by making sure that all you got to do is no more than what you do to register to vote, we can change the tide in this country so American union movement can grow.

White collar workers are sick as well now. They finally figured out that those corporations they counted on ain't taking care of them. They finally figured out the only reason they have any benefits is because of unions. And they're ready to join if we give them a chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's declare war back. We've had enough. Let's pass this and move on for the second renaissance of building the union movement in the United States of America. Because the public is ready, they're on your side, and you're crazy sitting out in this sun.

Thank you very, very much.

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