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Hatch: Wrong Way to Solve Immigration Problems

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


For Second Time, Hatch Opposes Current Immigration Deal

Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) today underscored his opposition to the comprehensive immigration reform measure (S. 1639) by voting to block the bill from receiving a final vote. This marks the second time this week that Hatch has opposed the bill, stressing that while he believes Congress must address the nation's immigration problems this proposal is the wrong way to do it.

"My heart wants to find a solution to our immigration problem," Hatch said. "We're a nation of immigrants, and many people want to come and live here. But we're also a nation of laws, and this bill is far too lenient on those who have broken our laws. They are treated far better than those who have been seeking to enter our country the right way. That's not right. It sends the same message we sent in 1986 - break our laws and you'll be rewarded for it."

Hatch strongly criticized the way the bill was addressed in the Senate.

"There's a process that provides some basic protections for major bills in the Senate," Hatch said. "That process wasn't followed here. This bill had no hearings, no markup, and we were denied any ability to bring up substantive amendments. That gave us no opportunity to improve the bill."

Hatch also countered bill proponents who argue that S. 1639 is the last chance to pass immigration reform.

"Some say this is an all-or-nothing deal - we have to take the good with the bad to get strong border and interior enforcement," Hatch said. "That's the wrong way to look at this. There's broad support for securing our borders and increasing enforcement of current law. Let's pass that immediately. Then we can continue our work on a guest worker program and finding a fair, compassionate and lawful way to deal with the illegal immigrants already in this country."

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