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Matheson Sets National Goal for Energy Efficient Buildings in Energy Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Matheson Sets National Goal for Energy Efficient Buildings in Energy Bill

Congressman Jim Matheson says the House Energy subcommittee has moved an energy bill that tackles vital energy conservation, energy investment and energy innovation issues, including his provision for energy efficient commercial buildings in the future. Matheson is a member of the Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee that acted on the legislation this week.

"Energy security and global climate change are among the most pressing issues we're dealing with today. In rapid fashion, we've taken up a complicated set of challenges, including how we move vehicles, use energy in buildings and power our economy. I think this legislation is a key piece of the puzzle," said Matheson.

The Energy subcommittee -passed bill includes provisions for higher energy efficiency standards for appliances, stronger energy efficiency building codes, a "smart" electricity grid and advanced battery and plug-in hybrid vehicle promotion.

Matheson's provision calls for adopting a national goal to reduce commercial building energy use and achieve energy-efficient commercial buildings from 2025 and beyond. It provides for 50 percent of all commercial buildings to be retrofitted to achieve that standard by 2035.

Additionally, Matheson authored language for a second provision in the bill with New York Congressman Steve Israel. It brings venture capitalists, finance experts and commercial lenders to the table in an advisory committee capacity to encourage private investment in energy technology. The Energy and Water appropriations bill passed Wednesday included $1 million to fund the advisory committee.

"The market will help drive a new era of clean energy jobs and energy independence solutions. The creation of this advisory committee ensures that the best business and technical minds are involved," said Matheson

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