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Burgess on Death of Senate Immigration Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Burgess on Death of Senate Immigration Bill

The following statement may be attributed to Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (TX-26):

The Senate version of Frankenstein's monster has again been brought down by angry villagers. The monster of an immigration bill could not be resurrected with the 60 votes need to keep it alive. It was clear from the outset that this piece of legislation was greatly flawed. But despite this outcome, it is Congress' job and duty to bring forth commonsense legislation to tackle the increasing illegal immigration problem afflicting our country.

I do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We should be enforcing the laws already on the books like the Basic Pilot program which allows employers to verify the worker status of all new employees. With this program, employers can hire citizens or legal immigrants with confidence and reduce the incentive for workers to enter the country illegally.

The U.S. House should lead. A bill should focus on border security measures based on principles like completing the fence, demanding English as the official language and the aforementioned employer verification program. The convoluted and "amnesty-light" bill brought forth in the Senate truly was D.O.A., and no bolt of lightening will jolt it back to life. I remain hopeful that the House steps up to the challenge.

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