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Pelosi: Title IX Assured a Woman's Right to Educational Equality


Location: Washington, DC

Pelosi: Title IX Assured a Woman's Right to Educational Equality

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement after the House approved H.Res. 406, a resolution celebrating the 35th anniversary and accomplishments of Title IX of the Higher Education Act. Below are her remarks:

"I join with my colleagues to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Title IX of the Higher Education Act, which assured a woman's right to educational equality. And I thank Congresswoman Mazie Hirono for bringing this resolution to the floor and for her leadership on this issue.

"By ending gender discrimination in all education programs, Title IX has given women the chance to excel and to take their rightful place as leaders and achievers on campuses across the United States. No longer would young women find their educational options limited by years of engrained discrimination. Thanks to Title IX, women can now prepare for their future - whether in the halls of power or corporate boardrooms - in the classrooms and on the playing fields of America's colleges and university.

"Today also gives us the opportunity to honor our former colleague, friend, and champion for women's equality - Congresswoman Patsy Mink. As a member of the Education Committee in 1972, Congresswoman Mink helped craft Title IX, and engineer its passage.

"The day that the Title IX legislation came to the floor, Congresswoman Mink was called away on a family emergency. She knew it would be a close vote. And she was right. That time, the bill was defeated by only a single vote. But Patsy fought on. Through sheer force of will, Congresswoman Mink forced another vote, an uncommon occurrence made possible by a woman of uncommon strength. And that time, women won. Congress passed Title IX.

"For her determination, the women of America will always owe a debt of gratitude to Congresswoman Patsy Mink.

"As a mother and a grandmother, I have seen firsthand the results of Title IX. Some are more visible, like the growing number of girls on soccer fields and basketball courts, the women of the WNBA, or the famous victory of Mia Hamm and Team USA in the World Cup.

"Equally important, those less tangible, is the message that Title IX sends to women and girls: Your education is crucial and your future is limitless.

"Young women today believe that they can do anything. And they can.

"For our children, we must continue to support this belief by fulfilling and sustaining the promise of Title IX."

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